Decor Trends 2015: How Gurgaon’s Elite Buyers Style their Home?

When the trends change and new things comes into fashion, their first wave hits the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Be it a fashion trend or home decor style, these are the first few cities to welcome the new wave.

Gurgaon is the city of the elite few, who are in love with a sophisticated lifestyle. As much as their attire and lifestyle speaks of it, so does the decor style of their home. Luxury decor styles that were in vogue five years ago are now old and outdated. So what is new in 2015 about the decor styles of Luxury Homes in Gurgaon? Let us discuss in some detail.

Decor Trends 2015 How Gurgaon’s Elite Buyers Style their Home

Rugs on Walls:- Rugs have always been in trend but on the floor only. In 2015, rugs can be found as a wall decor piece in luxury homes of Gurgaon. They have moved from under the dining table to the wall adjacent to it. The wall rugs are painted in classy geometrical patterns and become the focal point of your home decor. Some also choose to go for landscapes or portraits on the wall rugs which is also particularly chic.

Mix of Warm and Cold Metals:- When warm colored metals like copper and gold are mixed with the calm colored metals like silver, they create strikingly beautiful home interiors. This pattern is in vogue nowadays. Interior designers cleverly lay down patterns of such metal mixes and give the luxury homes a heavenly look. They also apply a tinge of this style on furniture ends and decor pieces.

The Indigo Love:- The color that has attracted the attention of top interior designers in 2015 is indigo. This crazy shade of blue made its place in almost all of Gurgaon’s newly furnished luxury homes. The best thing about indigo is that it is warm, vibrant and versatile at the same time. It mixes well with a metallic theme which was also seen in trend this year. This trend of indigo started abroad in the US and Gurgaon’s luxury home did not lag far behind in adopting it.

Graphic Tiles:- It seems like the stuff that were marked as floor decor items have now started moving towards the walls. Along with the wall rugs, Gurgaon’s luxury homes were also seen playing with colored tiles as wall decor patterns. Paintings and abstracts could be formed with such painted tiles and thus they were seen as a preferred choice of interior designers.

Translucent Glass Decor:- Using clear glass decor items are out of trend and the smoky glass style is in. Top designers are of opinion that smoky glasses add a mystery to home decor. They are intriguing and at the same time sophisticated. Apart from Smoky glass decor, grainy glass is also used to give a textured look.

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