Decor Ideas for Your Living+Dining Space

All of us want a dining room like those in Bollywood Movies where the table extends long enough to seat 20 people. But due to the lack of space in ‘urbanized’ India, the concept of dining room has almost vanished from the real estate market. Since dining rooms have become an endangered concept, the homeowners have found other ways to make up for it. Having a dining space in the living room or as an extension of the kitchen island has become very popular in India, nowadays.

Decor Ideas for Your Living+Dining Space

Decor Ideas for Your Living+Dining Space

However, this does not mean that you cannot have a grand dining space. You can always decorate the area to make the most of it. Here are a few ideas for your combined living-dining space:

Give it a Rustic Charm

Bold and colourful isn’t always beautiful. Giving your dining area a rustic charm is a great idea to make it more inviting. But you must do it only if it matches your home decor theme. You can start with the wall behind the dining area. Paint it in pastel shades or give it a stoney look. Do not opt for chairs with a lot of embellishments. Simple is beautiful!

The Modern Look

A modish look is in trend nowadays. Give your home a modern look and feel with comfortable furniture, subtle colors and metallic finish. Keep the theme is sync with the decor style of rest of the house. If it is an extension of kitchen island, try and match the kitchen cabinets with prominent colors of your dining area.

The Indoor Outdoor Blur

Another great way to set up a refreshing dining room is to blur the line between indoors and outdoors. Floor to ceiling glass windows that give a clear view of the lawn will go a long way in making your living-dining space look spacious and airy. A skylight above the dining table would also be a good idea. Let all the natural light in.

Color Pop Decor

Think out of the box and set up a dining area with offbeat colors. Paint the adjacent wall in some bright colors like yellow, orange, red, etc. This will not only create a focal point for the dining area but will also give it a uniqueness. Choose furniture in different shades of the same color. Adorn with funky table cloth, serving trays or mugs.

Let the Walls Speak

A blank wall behind the dining area would not speak much about your home decor. Put some wall art on it, or a poster that talks about your taste in home decor. Nowadays several wall decor items are available online at very affordable rates. Find your style and jazz up a great decor.

Living room now has several meanings. So if your living room also refers to a dining area, use these ideas to make more of the small space.

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