Quirky Decor Ideas For Your Kids Room

Kids don’t have much say, as to the décor of their rooms. Nurseries are already done up before they see the light of the world. Gone are the days of blue for boys and pink for girls, traditional has been replaced by funky , contemporary by modern, so get innovative and let some color and vibrant themes change the look of your kid’s room.

Quirky Decor Ideas For Your Kids Room

Colour Scheme– Don’t get stuck in the colors of the past generations, get out of the neutral mode and get a bit trendy. Colors like sage greens, tan browns, yellow, and reds can be paired with neutrals like white, black or pastels to get a modern color painting for kid’s room. Patterns and materials can be diverse to differentiate the function and the use of space of the room. This technique ties the space visually and leaves the space enjoyable for a kid and an adult.

Theme Inspired Creativity- Let your creativity shine through by creating a unique theme for the room. Theme inspired rooms are good for kids and it helps them dream and get imaginative. Themes can range from sports, hobbies or some whimsical fantasy lands. Consider using wall murals, decals, wall stickers or an entire fairytale painted on the walls. You can do up the rooms by putting wall sized posters of their favorite hero or cartoon character or musical instruments. The idea is to create a funky setup, trendy and modern which is different from the crowd.

Do it Yourself Attitude- Pick up your paint brush and go for it, let your kids help you create something unique. When you do it yourself, you not only save money but also get a feeling of achievement. A simple mural can be eye catching. So you can save money and be satisfied if you do it yourself.

Furnishings and furniture can also add to your quirky ideas, choosing bright curtains and having bunk beds look great. Carpet, tiles energize the kids room,bold patterned carpets or rugs give a very vibrant look to the floor and resonate the room with energy and vibrancy. Get out the mundane style of décor, and don’t stick to your old fashioned styles. Get a wee bit quirky, trendy and think out of the box; create something unique and stylish.

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