Decor Diary: How Colors Affect Your Mood

Can you imagine a life with no colors? A world where everything is black, white or grey. Sounds dull and boring, right? Thank almighty that we don’t have to live in a colorless world. We have this colorful vibrancy surrounding us that keeps us alive and happy. Colors have a direct effect on our mood and our psychological reactions. It is very important to choose the right colors for the different parts of your home so that you can make the most of your heavenly abode.

Decor Diary How Colors Affect Your Mood

Decor Diary How Colors Affect Your Mood

To choose the right colors, first we need to understand the significance of each color and what it symbolizes.

Blue is for Calmness and Tranquility

Blue can be the best color for your bedroom, bathroom and kid’s room. Color experts find it the most soothing shade and say that it can help keep your blood pressure under control. Since the color helps you stay calm and relaxed, it is best for the places where social gatherings are held. Mix it with other light shades and turn your homes into a soothing lullaby.

Orange is for Zeal

The color orange induces a feeling of enthusiasm and zeal into your room. It is the best color for sports room and other rooms where your kids get involved in sporty activities. However, it may not be the best for bedroom as you will like to feel relaxed not vigorous.

Green is for Freshness and Novelty

It is an accepted fact that green color is good for your eyes. Experts say that you should keep the background of your gadgets green. Similarly it is also good for the walls of your home. It brings happiness and prosperity to your home.

Yellow is for Joy

They believe that yellow color stimulates positive thoughts and brings joy into your life. This colors is the best for your kid’s room. Apart from its joyous nature, it also looks quite playful and will be liked by the kids. Since it is one of the lightest shades, it also makes a small room look bigger.

White is for Purity

White is the pious color that makes your room look spacious. However, too much white may make it an eyesore with a lot of brightness. There are so many shades of white that you can experiment on your walls such as eggshell, off white, cream, ivory, etc. Since the color signifies purity, it is highly recommended by Vastu for ceiling.

Purple is for Class

Interior decor specialists choose different shades of purple when they want to give your room a chic sophisticated look. It signifies elegance and is also known for its cheerful quality. Lilac and lavender are the most preferred shades of purple.

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