Custom Home Décor- Show Your Sporty Side!

Are you a sports lover or a sportsman and do you have some rooms to decorate? Well then, let your décor speak for your love for sport and exhibit your sporty side. With trends of sports décor becoming a mainstream choice throughout homes, decorating options are endless. In fact, developers are also coming up with sports centered projects like Supertech Sports Village in NCR. Sports themes can range from fun and over the top to subtle and classy integrations depending on an individual’s choice.

Custom Home Décor- Show Your Sporty Side!

Below are some ideas as to how and where to start doing up your home.

Let’s start from the grass-roots, your floors and then move upwards. Flooring is the perfect place to start, a wooden floor can give the feel of a basket-ball court or a green carpet can depict a football field. An ultimate for the sports fan is flooring with a team logo. Team logos are becoming very popular depending on the room you are decorating. They are especially good for a boys bedroom or the bar area.

There are team fitness tiles which also come with customized logos and are made from a special material, which has unique shock absorbent properties that lessen pressure on joints. They also absorb noise and are good for children’s play room and noisy parts of the house.

Affordable Accessories- for a sports themed room blankets and pillows with your favorite team logo can add visual appeal to your home and also being useful at the same time. Themed cups, mantle displays or your own collection of memorabilia that you have collected when you went to watch a game, or the prizes you won at a sports event can all add to your décor.

Use your walls to display your love for sports by putting up framed photos, posters, candid photographs of you at a game. Display any special memorabilia which you have on the walls making it the focal point of the wall. Make a collage of your favorite game that you played with your friends and put it up on the wall. It will always bring back fond memories.

Do some out of the box thinking to do up your home. There are a lot of posters, wall decals etc. available in the market that you can use to do up any room. Your personal den which is your retreat can have big customized, laminated blow-ups of your favorite sports personality. Lots to choose from and your own personal memorabilia can give a very classy look to your home.

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