Custom Home Décor: How to Master the Tribal Theme?

To each his own’ holds true when creating the Contemporary décor style for your home. Trends change with time and your home reflects your taste and style. Tribal décor is very much in vogue and nothing like a blend of modern with a subtle touch of tribal influence to bring out the exotic creations coming in from some tribal heritage. You don’t have to go overboard by turning your home into a museum, but a few artifacts and some unique pieces can change the entire ambience into an exotic rustic environment.

Custom Home Décor How to Master the Tribal Theme

India has many tribes, and you can have your pick of tribal themes from different parts of the country. African tribal décor and Native American décor are also very popular. When you think of the word ‘Tribal’, Africa is the first name that comes to your mind, and this has its own heritage passed down the generations.

Let’s start with your walls! Tribal reflects warmth and vibrancy, so let the color of your walls speak for you. If you are using wallpaper then go in for rough textured grass rooted variety with geometric shapes or exotic prints with vivid colors. Flooring with a wooden finish or hardwood is another good option. You can create a comfortable atmosphere by adding some handmade bright rugs this will change the look of your room. Tribal artifacts, figurines, tribal masks and furnishings are mostly handmade using techniques passed down generations.

You can use furniture with leather upholstering or textured handmade furnishings. Masks, figurines, ebony or other wood carved items placed at strategic points look good and introduce culture and personality. Masks on grass cloth walls with reupholstered leather chairs on hardwood floors with had woven rugs in vivid colors creates a wonderful look. You can combine tribal masks from various regions in a modern colorful room to create a room which looks very sophisticated with bold modern pieces against a backdrop of rustic masks and sculptures.

A blend of modern in a back drop of rustic or a total ‘out and out’ tribal room can look elegant maintaining the rustic charm. You can pick up items for tribal décor from different outlets. Assam’s wicker and bamboo work, Nagaland’s figurines, rugs and furnishing fabric, Rajasthan’s furniture, Odisha’s and South Indian handicrafts are some of the famous items in tribal décor. You can go for an African, Moroccan or Native American theme.

You can have your pick and do up your home on any one tribal theme or blend in different artifacts from different regions to get that sophisticated rustic look.

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