Compact Homes: A Growing Trend in Indian Real Estate

With growing population of Nuclear or small families in India, the trend of Compact home is gaining momentum in the realty market of the country. Especially, in the metros where more than half of the population is working, these homes play a very important role as they are closer to business districts and above all are much affordable in price.

Compact Homes

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A compact home consists of hall, bedroom, study and a kitchen with washrooms and balcony. These homes vary in size from 500 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. which is well-suited for a small family.

Real estate expert says that in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata, where land is minimal and prices are steep, the trend of compact homes has geared up a lot. Also, selling an expensive and luxury apartment can be much difficult for the developers and due to which they are in favour of launching small-sized apartments which not only helps to reduce the cost but are also space efficient to meet the needs of the homebuyer.

Advantages of Compact Homes for Homebuyers

To manage their financial goals and save their earnings, nuclear families, millennials these days prefer to invest in compact homes. Apart from that, a compact home comes with range of benefits which includes well-defined use of space and other propositions. Take a look at some more advantages of such homes:

Thoughtful Construction

A compact home comes with smart construction and good space utilization. Although it is small in size they are designed in such a way that it easily accommodates every important essential of home with wasting any part of it. These houses are constructed keeping in mind the latest technologies, interiors and other décor trends.

Cheap Maintenance

As more working professionals invest in compact homes, the preferability for them is convenient and low maintenance cost. They are most cost-effective to handle than a big-size apartment. Also, a home buyer has to spend less on furniture, other décor items and has to pay less for electricity and other bills and charges.

Design Home your own way

A compact homes give you freedom to design and decorate your dream home the own way. These days families want to give the best look to their home with innovative and compact furniture, stylish décor items etc.

Budget-friendly Price

Due to small size, these homes come at a comparatively cheaper price as compared to large apartments. Also, with central Government focusing more on ‘Housing for all’, more and more developers are constructing such units to attract home buyers. Also, you don’t have to compromises on sound infrastructure, amenities, and facilities provided in the home.

Good Resale Value

With increase in trend and demand for compact homes in today’s real estate landscape, more people are looking for such projects which can offer them such units. Because of this, the resale values of such units are more as compared to larger-spacious apartments. These homes are sold off very quickly and hence offer better Return on investment to the property owner.