Color Trends 2016: Paint Your Home in These Glamorous Hues

As the New Year arrives, it brings new vibes, new resolutions and new trends. Home decor styles also change with every coming year. Everything sees a makeover- from decor pieces to rug styles. So while planning your decor, you must also pay attention to the color palette that is going to be in vogue this year.

Color Trends 2016 Paint Your Home in These Glamorous Hues

Color Trends 2016 Paint Your Home in These Glamorous Hues

Interior decor specialists suggest that 2016 is going to be all about subtlety, sophistication, warmth and creativity. Color are the ways to gift all these feelings to your dream home. Let us talk about a few colors that will define the custom home decor trends of this year.

Purple- Now this may sound like we are talking about kid’s room. But no, give it a second thought. When used at right places in right proportions, purple can come out as the most royal color of the year. A living room done in purple speaks out sheer sophistication.

Milky Blue- To give a good glossy effect to your bedroom and living room, you can paint it in milky blue from top to bottom. When matched with a sheer white ceiling, this can be the dreamy decor you have always been waiting for. Dark blue upholstery sets the tone of this milky blue color palette.

White and Cream- These two classic favorites are going to hang around this year as well. When reflecting the dim morning light from your window, these subtle colors bring back your dream home to life. The best way to accent a white palette is to decorate the house with contrasting furniture. The color white is mystical and simple at the same time. You can either go for a softer shade like Ivory, Cream Delight or Alabaster White; or a strikingly sharper shades like the Clean White, Ghost White or Mint Cream.

Parma Gray- This shade is sometimes counted as a cool blue and speaks of serenity and poshness. This extraordinary shade has always been designers’ favorite for quite some time. When accented with dark colored furnishings, it can create magic.

Deep Blue- This color will define lavishness in 2016. Chosen by the posh few who like to experiment with rich, robust colors, this shade works best for powder room or study. A glossy texture of this color will look very glamorous for your home. Dark Iris will be the best if such home is owned by a lady as it gives the feminine touch. Dark Teal is the most versatile shade of blue. Deep Gold will be the best color to accent these rich shades.

Pink Ballet- When thinking about subtlety, this is color that pops first into the head. Some might opine that it gives a juvenile vibe but others find it romantic. When used with metallic tones like bronze, it warms up the essence of the room.

Brinjal, funky yellow, bold green and deep green are some other shades that will be in vogue this year. So which one is your favorite?

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