Secret of Choosing the Perfect Finishes for Your Kitchen

One of the most important parts of a kitchen remodel is to choose the perfect finish for your kitchen countertops and other surfaces. There is no hard and fast rule that you can follow when choosing the right finish or material for your kitchen. Every project is different and with the coming of Kitchen Décor Trends 2016, the style and preferences have also change. Below are certain guidelines which can help you create a functional and at the same time a modern stylish kitchen. These finishes should work for your needs.

Secret of Choosing the Perfect Finishes for Your Kitchen

Secret of Choosing the Perfect Finishes for Your Kitchen

Bright Backsplashes – A beautiful backsplash is very important, more than you can realize, it is also the current rage in kitchen remodeling. It’s not their just for show but it provides a surface for easy-to-clean surfaces in the messiest parts of your kitchen. This is where the splashes of grease and water emanating from the stove or sink land up, and without the backsplash they would hit your paint or wall-paper. The backsplash has recently become a décor feature; you may have it in the area required or a running backsplash all around your kitchen and can make a dramatic focal point.

Countertops – The counter tops are the most visible aspect of the kitchen, and one which is noticed the most as soon as you enter the kitchen. These are the most functional, because they provide the work place from where you can deliver your famous concoctions. The material and color you choose can blend in to create a natural, balanced look or can be your own personal style statement. You can use marble, granite or the now trendy butcher’s wooden block for your kitchen facelift, think about the impression you want to capture before you decide on the material. Choose a single material to get that consistent look or if it is contrast you are after go in for a slight color and pattern variation.

Cabinets – Cabinets just do not represent storage but add in creating an atmosphere. Think about how your family is going to use the kitchen and choose cabinets that compliment your lifestyle the best. Style and size of the cabinets in addition to material and color are important finishes to consider.

Finding The Right Flooring – Nowadays you have a vast choice to choose your flooring from, gone are the days when it was only vinyl and vinyl. Patterned floors hide dirt better than plain floors; you can choose ceramic, hardwood, granite, subway tiles etc.

Once you have all these things lined up you can consider your kitchen island, whether to make it as a double pub style dining table with storage below or add matching appliances for that touch of class. Styling and adding the perfect finishes can do wonders for your kitchen so go all out and create your own style statement.

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