Choose the Right Type of Tiles for Creative Kitchen Backsplashes

Neutral colored kitchens are trendy nowadays and the completely-white-ones are the kings of jazzy kitchen decor trends. Though a one-color kitchen decor stays the classic and timeless form, you can always experiment with some bright color pops here and there to add creativity. One of the best ways to do this is ‘backsplash’. It is the most important part of your neutral kitchen decor as it sets the focal point. Backsplashes can be done in stones, mirror, glass or tiles.

Choose the Right Type of Tiles for Creative Kitchen Backsplashes

Choose the Right Type of Tiles for Creative Kitchen Backsplashes

Tiles are the most economical ways of giving a unique look to your kitchen. Whether you want to go traditional with floral patterns or modern with the sassy geometric patterns, tiles continue to be the most flexible objects of decorating kitchen backsplashes.

Let us talk about how to show some creativity on kitchen backsplashes with these different types of tiles:

Large Patterned Tiles- Tiles with large, bold patterns have always been the essence of a traditional Indian kitchen and they are again in vogue nowadays. These tiles give the look of a wallpaper with outrageous patterns. It is something that would immediately catch the eyes of the visitors. You have to be careful about the start and end of the area to be covered so that the patterns do not look incomplete.

Laser Cut Tiles- These tiles are comparatively costly and showcase intricate patterns. These puzzle like designs are carved out with laser which gives these tiles a modern look. Laser cut tiles are also made with quartz, marble or even silver backing. So beware of the high-priced tag before you buy.

3D Look Tiles- Also known as the specialty-shaped tiles, these give your backsplash a 3D look. Manufacturers offer different shapes of tiles according to your need and requirement. These custom made tiles will give the latest decor touch to your kitchen.

Mirror Tiles- These may sound pretty unusual to lay down for a kitchen backsplash. But it will look the best when used at special corners of your kitchen. It is an ensemble of small mirrors put together as tile pieces.

Subway Tiles- The brick look of subway tiles is the most preferred tile design for the kitchen. Like the bold patterned ones, these are also classic and stay timeless even when you change the decor theme of your home.

Diagonal Tiles- A creative twist in the placement of tiles will add glamour to your kitchen backsplash. For example- Place the tiles diagonally.

Choosing the right kind of tiles to give a jazzy look to your kitchen and mesmerize the visitors with your sheer creativity.

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