Checklist before You Leave for Vacation

Are you the “Did I remember to turn off the faucet” type of person? Regardless of whether you belong to the well-organized category or the frantic last-minute planner, there is no harm in taking the proper steps and precautions before you go on a happy stress-free vacation. Checklist before You Leave for VacationMake a list of all the things you need to do before you step out; get organized by making personal checklist. There is a long list of tasks and chores that must be done before you leave home. Plan your vacation and do not leave anything for the last minute because overlooking even a single thing can mean hassles and frustrations.

Here are some ideas which will help you get ready for a vacation:

  • Finish packing a night before. Check the most important stuff such as passport, hotel bookings, tickets, etc.
  • Walk through your home to see that all your rooms are locked properly, the doors and windows are bolted so unwanted miscreants cannot enter.
  • Check your electronic gadgets like refrigerator, toaster, oven and most importantly your LPG connection.
  • Turn off all the taps.
  • Pay all your bills; hold your mail and newspaper.
  • Arrange for pets to be taken care of while you are gone.
  • Pack right, pack tight. Do not carry useless articles. Downsize by carrying only usable items.
  • Carry an overseas insurance if traveling abroad. Also take medications for as long as your will be outside.
  • Buy an emergency phone card which can be used in the area traveled. Check cell phone coverage and roaming charges.
  • Tag all your luggage including carry-ons.
  • While leaving out, count and recheck your baggage.
  • Take a last minute look over.
  • Review en route, weather conditions and check transportation schedule for delays.

A good long vacation is a well-deserved retreat for you after an entire year of hard-work. So do not let a silly mistake ruin it. Plan thoroughly and let it be all about enjoyment.