Reasons to Check Your Property’s Drainage Diagram before Buying

It may not seem very inviting, but checking a property’s drainage diagram before signing on the dotted line can save you a lot of money in the long run and also a lot of headache. This is an important document which will take you back in time and enlighten you as to when the drains and waste-water pipes were installed. Even if you don’t see any open drainage system in community or around it, a faulty drainage diagram may become a nightmare in the future. So studying a diagram would give you a glimpse of reality behind the shiny uplifted façade and tell you what has actually been done and if the work done is up to the standard.

Reasons to Check Your Property’s Drainage Diagram before Buying

Reasons to Check Your Property’s Drainage Diagram before Buying

What is a drainage diagram?

It is a document which shows the layout of your property and where pipes and the main water system are positioned. There are various drainage diagrams, but the one which gives you the best view of a property’s drains and water pipes is called the ‘sewerage service diagram’. The diagram depicts and tells you where your original plumbing was, and if it has been moved.

If the pipes have been moved it is important to know as it could be a very dodgy renovation, so it is lose-lose situation or if done by a pro then it is win-win affair. Your potential purchase can have a brand new bathroom or a new renovated kitchen, but the important question is was the diagram updated? If no, then it was not done by a professional.

Why do you need to check it?

If you just bought a property, which has just undergone renovation, the last thing you would want to do would be to tear down the shiny new flooring to fix up the plumbing and renovate again. While the obvious types of renovations affecting the drainage system are the bathrooms, kitchen or laundry room, there are some others also where you got to check, like the new deck or an extension.

Bursting pipes and serious plumbing disasters are a possibility and a costly and scary thought. Drainage diagram will tell you if the sewer was upgraded at the time of renovation or not. Check the date on the drainage diagram, if the date is around the same time as the renovation was carried out then it is good, but if there is no date or a very old date as compared to the renovation then you have to be careful.

As a buyer, having an up-to-date drainage diagram can tell you a lot of a property’s renovation credentials and help you if you need professional plumbing assistance. So don’t discount this essential part of your due diligence. A drainage diagram can help you make a sound solid purchase or it could spell out a series of costly and painful repairs which will raise their ugly heads.

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