Integrated Townships: Rising Trend in Indian Real Estate

Integrated Townships: Rising Trend in Indian Real EstateWhile picturing a home in his mind, an urban dweller does not only go for lavish projects and modern amenities. What a customer looks for is the viability of the project as a dream home. A home where greenery soothes your eyes when you look around, a home that is close to all social facilities and a home you can proudly call your dream home. Offering everything you need for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle, integrated townships are a rising trend in the Indian Real Estate market.

What is an Integrated Township?

An integrated township is a project that encompasses all facets of a modern lifestyle within the gated complex. It integrates the residential parcel with the commercial, retail, education and entertainment facilities. Usually, a township is spread over more than 100 acres and has school, hospital, banks, ATMs and recreation areas within the complex. These projects also have ample greens. Since city outskirts and suburbs offer land at comparatively cheaper rates, most of the builders prefer to build their integrated township projects in these areas. [Read more…]

Why is it a Good Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

Why is it a Good Time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate?Real Estate has always been a preferred investment option for an average Indian. It is a great way of creating wealth and adding to your asset portfolio. But the asset class in real estate differs on the basis of its use- residential, commercial, hospitality and retail. Residential real estate has always been the first choice of the buyers as they have the option to either put it to their end use or to let it out on rent and earn a handsome rental return.

However, the trends of an Indian buyer seems to be changing lately. The escalation in the price of residential property and the slow rate of value appreciation are the two main reasons why a segment of investors is drifting towards commercial properties. The simultaneous increase in the price of commercial property has been lower than that of its residential counterparts. Records show that the commercial property in Noida has seen good price appreciation for the last few years. [Read more…]

How Did The Real Estate Industry Perform in the Year 2014?

How Did The Real Estate Industry Perform in the Year 2014?Year 2014 brought a bag of mixed feelings for the Indian Real Estate Industry. Though the first half was rather slow, second half of the year was fast enough to make up for it. After the Union Budget was announced in the beginning of financial year 2014-15, a wave of positivity was seen in the real estate market.

Affordable housing was given the top priority status. As a result, the state government authorities started launching affordable housing projects in their respective areas. HUDA in Gurgaon and DDA in Delhi came up with numerous flats for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), Lower Income Group (LIG) and Middle Income Group (MIG). Private builders also launched affordable projects in different parts of the country to support the government’s initiative. [Read more…]

Why fall in Interest Rates might not be enough for new homebuyers

Why fall in Interest Rates might not be enough for new homebuyersIn addition to the lowering of interest rates, the real estate ecosystem needs to work closely around the needs of customers and offer them interesting deals in order to catch their eyeballs today.

As the government of India is pushing for a decrease in the interest rates for home loans, we might see a decrease in the rates by nationalized and private banks in the near future, however, the big question is – will this be enough to encourage new homebuyers?

Experts feel that this might not be enough to entice the customer community towards new home purchases and more needs to be done. Most importantly, as a country India needs to develop infrastructure beyond the big metros and this can encourage more new home buying customers to go for affordable homes in these times. [Read more…]

Exclusive Ways to Clinch a Real Estate Deal with ease!

Exclusive Ways to Clinch a Real Estate Deal with ease!In the real estate business, there are numerous times when real estate buyers and sellers often come close to making a deal — but something stands in their way and as a consequence the deal does not materialize.

It is likely that we have multiple offers and counter offers coming over the course of several weeks. Possibly as the situation dictates, the buyer and seller disagree and the point of discord is merely an insignificant sum.

The transaction might not get through as there could be one big argument that neither of them is able to get past. In such a scenario it can be an ideal situation for brokers to sweeten the deal and get really creative. [Read more…]

Government Calls for Interest Rate Cuts for Growth of Real Estate

Government Calls for Interest Rate Cuts for Growth of Real EstateAccording to the Finance Minister, banks need to reduce their interest rate slabs for home loans in order for the sector to grow in the country

As it is seen as one of the biggest factors that can trigger growth of Indias real estate segment, Indias finance minister, Arun Jaitley has called for a reduction in interest rates, saying lower rates would trigger demand for homes in the country.

In its present state, the interest rates are a disincentive as seen by many real estate experts. And especially at a time when inflation in the country, seems to be stabilizing, a move to reduce interest rates for home loans could surely trigger much needed growth in this segment. [Read more…]