Check out top areas to buy ready to move in homes in Mumbai

With a mix of both luxury and affordable segment, Mumbai’s residential real estate market has always attracted homebuyers towards itself. In recent times, many launches took place in the suburban areas of the city. Still, Mumbaikars are more attracted towards ready-to-move-in properties rather than under-construction or the newly-launched one located across areas of Navi Mumbai, Thane, and other suburban areas.

buy ready to move in homes in Mumbai

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So, check out top areas to buy ready to move in homes in Mumbai and other suburban areas:

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Real Estate Hotspot: Properties in Virar attracts affordable home buyers of Mumbai

A thriving part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), properties in Virar are on upswing currently due to its tourism and construction of many residential projects. Many Mumbaikars who are looking for affordable homes are eying this region of Mumbai and have migrated to become a proud owner of their own home.

Properties in Virar attracts affordable home buyers of Mumbai

Take a look at various factors that have made Virar a realty hub in Mumbai:

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Properties in Jakkur emerges as hotpsot among affordable home buyers

Jakkur is a well-developed suburb located on the eastern side of the NH 44 between Yelahanka and Hebbal, part of Northern Bengaluru. The demand for properties in Jakkur has grown rapidly, mainly in the affordable housing segment in recent times.

Properties in Jakkur

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Due to increasing property rates in Bengaluru, now property buying has become much difficult especially for first-time buyers. However, properties in Jakkur offer a great deal to first time home buyers due to the presence of affordable homes, superior connectivity and proximity to Hebbal Tech Park.

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Properties along Noida-Greater Noida expressway all set to take over Gurgaon

The Noida–Greater Noida Expressway is a six-lane highway which connects Noida to Greater Noida. However, properties along Noida-Greater Noida expressway have taken steep growth in recent time due to fast developing infrastructure and other important facilities.

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Adjacent sectors to this belt are emerging as a premium residential hub offering both luxurious and affordable properties with world-class infrastructure. Thus, this region is giving a good opportunity for home buyers to reconsider investing in the residential developments here as compared to much expensive Gurgaon.

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Know Why Boisar’s Property Market is Welcoming Affordable Housing Segment

The lush green area with sprawling open land and industrial growth make Boisar one of the hubspot for affordable housing segment in Maharashtra’s real estate sector. The smart and convenient connectivity with Virar and other areas of Mumbai city via Western railway line make both working as well as living affordable in this region.

Property Boisar

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North Hyderabad: A residential hotspot for Property Investors

In recent times, the residential market of Hyderabad has seen a lot of upsurge in property sales. Because of this, city’s real estate has emerged as a good investment option. However, among all the other zones, North Hyderabad proved to be most beneficial which has seen potential investments by many home buyers.

Residential Market of Hyderabad

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At present, North Hyderabad is dominated by many IT/ITeS SEZs, IT parks, industrial parks, and warehouses which give employment to thousands of people. Due to which many professionals are moving towards this area to make property investments and hence the region has ensured uniform growth across all major localities.

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Know the best cities to look for Affordable Housing in India

In order to boost the affordable housing segment across India, the Central government has already announced many schemes to provide housing to all. Even the real estate sector is happy with this initiative as they are getting good capital appreciation and healthy returns. Apart from this home buyer across the country are also seeing growth in the affordable housing sector which was very less in earlier times.

Affordable housing in India

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Affordable housing is targeted towards a particular section of society which generally include lower and middle-income group. However, there are various factors which play an important role in defining the affordable housing for example household income, location, price, size of dwelling units, employment opportunities, government incentives, etc.

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Property price trends along Yamuna Expressway

The latest price trend along Yamuna Expressway gives good insight into what the future holds for the investors there. The average price of an affordable two-bedroom apartment in a residential complex hovers around Rs 38.36 lakhs, according to available estimates.

The most prime piece of property listed in Yamuna Expressway is priced at ₹ 10.00 crore, according to Prop Tiger’s Experts also contend that unlike neighbouring NOIDA, where prices have nearly bottomed out, in the Yamuna Expressway they have witnessed a marginal uptake.

Property price trends along Yamuna Expressway

Property price trends along Yamuna Expressway

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has approved Rs 4,156.13 crore for the region’s growth at a board meeting convened on June 9, 2017. Meanwhile, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA), at its board meeting had approved another tranche of Rs 6,443.05 crore for 2017-18, according to various media reports. Of this Rs 1,100 crore are to be distributed among farmers whose land has been acquired for urbanisation. This represents a 64 per cent hike over what was being offered earlier.

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Will the change in Delhi’s Land Pooling Policy affect NCR’s realty market?

For starters, let’s understand what does Land Pooling Policy mean?

How does it impact property buying and selling?

Should you invest in a property or in a pooled land?

And, most important, what is the current policy status?

These queries are likely to be raised by investors interested in buying a property in Delhi’s National Capital Territory.

Land Pooling comes into effect when small chunks of land are owned by group of owners who assemble for the development of infrastructure as per the provisions of the Delhi Development Act 1957.

After the development work is complete, the Land Pooling agency redistributes the land among the title holders (land owners) after deducting the cost of the infrastructure development. This is done to attract and infuse private capital into the under-developed housing sector in a city’s outskirts, and reduce the pressure on the land that is already saturated.

Will Delhi's Land Pooling Policy change NCR's Realty

Will Delhi’s Land Pooling Policy change NCR’s Realty

What’s in it for the buyers?

Under the law, while land owners offering between 2 and 20 hectare of land for development are entitled to receive at least 40 percent of their land back, after the development work is complete, those who give up the maximum (20 hectare) stand to gain 60 percent of their pooled land back once the work on the infrastructure (roads, drainage system, electricity poles etc.) development is complete. The remaining is claimed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and subsumed under the Master Plan 2021. The changes clearly spell out the new land use policy – about 55 per cent for residential construction, five percent for commercial/industrial and 20 percent for open, green areas, and the rest would be reserved for common public facilities, such as educational institutes, hospitals, police and fire stations etc.

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Global Investors Flock Indian Real Estate after Regulatory Reforms

The outlook on Indian real estate has been showing a positive trend from the global investors’ perspective owing to changes in regulatory reforms. “ The policy initiatives, including the much awaited RERA-Real Estate Regulatory Act is making real estate more attractive for large institutional investors,” as per Christian Ulbrich, CEO-JLL.

Global Investors Flock Indian Real Estate after Regulatory Reforms

Global Investors Flock Indian Real Estate after Regulatory Reforms

As per an analysis of recent investment trends, India is moving in the right direction and is inspiring confidence in global investors. Due to the extremely constructive changes in its regulatory framework, India has become an investment hotspot to foreign investors. The Indian economy is also seeing a positive upward graph. There have been some important developments which will impact Indian real estate favorably – Increased rate of consolidation, improved transparency and the fact that REITs [Real Estate Investment Trusts] have been launched. [Read more…]