7 Tips to Raise Margin Money for Property Purchase

Owning a residential property in a preferred location and in a budget-friendly manner is a dream come true for every home buyer. Unfortunately, it is not possible for every aspiring homeowner to achieve. Thus the issue of raising margin money alias token money is the hardest question in life and today in this blog post we help you know all tips to raise margin money for purchasing a property. So, scroll down the page and learn about the smart and easy tips to accumulate margin money to commence the home buying procedure:

7 Tips to Raise Margin Money for Property Purchase

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Homebuyers: Know Top 5 Residential Localities in Kolkata

Kolkata has seen a spurt in the residential real estate market in last few years. With back to back infrastructure developments and changing trend in the property market many ne suburbs have emerged as a preferred residential location among home buyers. Micro-markets like Newtown, Rajarhat, Narendrapur, Garia, etc. are among the top localities offering seamless connectivity, better returns, and affordable as well as premium developments in Kolkata.

Residential Localities in Kolkata

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5 Things to Consider While Buying Property from Auction

Buying property is a big task and it becomes a bit risky when you the aspiring homeowner decides to purchase a property from an auction event. This blog post helps you understand the key features to consider before finalizing a deal from such an event where a mortgaged property is being sold by the lender due to borrower’s inability to pay back the loan amount. So, scroll down and check out the things to consider while buying a property from an action:

Buying Property from Auction

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Tips for Landlords to Stay Away from Tenant Injuries

Being a property owner and seeking a tenant for your property is a good combination to earn additional income. But, make sure you hire a well-mannered tenant as the bad one can make you witness the stress of Tenant Injury. This word is a bit new to the landlords in India but the concept is old and thus we here are listing several ways to deal with tenant injury. So, go through the entire blog post and understand the concept and tips to protect yourself from any such issue:

Tips for Landlords to Tenant

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Tax Saving: Things to Remember While Paying Rent to a Close Relative

Tax saving is the first and foremost thing on the mind of people. But, sometimes we think that why would a tenant feel the heat of paying tax which is completely wrong as many people choose to live in a rented home while earning good because of their profession. So, those opting to live as a tenant in the residential unit of a close relative must keep the money matters separate as it can create a rift between people. Thus, here are the key things to remember while paying rent to a close relative:

Tax Saving

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Properties in Nallagandla: A Hotspot in West Hyderabad

Nallagandla is one of the most popular localities in the West Hyderabad which has become a hotspot for residential investment in recent times. Due to its smooth connectivity to other parts of the city and presence of several IT companies, Nallagandla has seen an influx in the housing demand by many salaried class professionals.

Properties in Nallagandla

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Let’s take a look at some of the major factors which makes Nallagandla a realty hotspot:

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Tax Implications of Property Received Through Inheritance

Inheriting property is a happy thing for almost every person. But, people often forget about the tax implications they are required to deal with after inheriting a property. So, here we have explained the important things about taxation on the property you inherit via registered will and intestate of property. Scroll down the blog and understand these cases in details:

Tax Implications

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Know the Top Five Commercial Properties of Gurgaon

Considered as the best and most expensive real estate market of the country, Gurgaon offers good returns on investment to all those who invest here. Especially talking about the commercial sector, with thriving and robust infrastructure, better connectivity, work safety, feasible and attractive price, the real estate market has fueled up to a greater extent.

Commercial Properties of Gurgaon Plaza 106

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Take a look at the top commercial properties of Gurgaon:

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Virtual Reality: Reshaping India’s Real Estate Market

Today the use of technology in the real estate industry has increased up to a large extent. Not only had it helped in reshaping the whole realty world but also has transformed the buying experience of prospective home buyers. Among all the marketing gimmicks, Virtual Reality is one of the upcoming trends; today developers are focusing on, to woo homebuyers by adding the element of customization and personalization to any real estate project.

Virtual Reality

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