Tax Implication: Provisions under IT Return for Jointed Owned Property

Many a times, people get their purchased property registered onto the name of their parents or a distant relative in order to get save more at the time of filling Income Tax return. In fact, people think that it will be easier to inherit the property after the death of the co-owner but that is not correct in most of the cases. Rather, there are several Income Tax implications for the jointly owned property which you as a proprietor must know. So, here we are listing all the important details related to the same:

Jointed Owned Property tax

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Reasons Why Indian Property Market is a Hotspot for the NRIs

The Non-Resident Indians popularly known as the NRIs have again started taking the Indian property market seriously. Here the word again is used to remind you that the new reforms and property prices shoot up were the few reasons that made the NRIs hesitant to invest in the Indian Real Estate for the past sometime. But, now the situation has altered as these people are willing to invest back here as India is their home and the implementation of new rules is making them confident enough to put money in the property market here. So, below we are listing the main reasons that intend maximum investments from the NRIs here in India:

Indian Property Market is a Hotspot for the NRIs

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Affordable Housing – A Blessing for Delhi-NCR Property Market

The property market of Delhi-NCR is witnessing a boost from the past some time and the biggest reason for this positive move is affordable housing. In fact, the factors like economic and social conditions play a pivotal role in conversion of the prospects into property owners. Apart from these issues, the recently introduced Affordable Housing scheme is offering new dimensions to the real estate sector of the national capital city and its surrounding areas. This policy has not only creating positive vibes for the real estate sector but is also proving beneficial for the infrastructural development.

Affordable Housing

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Planning to Buy a Home? Use Provident Fund Wisely

Planning to buy a home but the insufficient funds is restricting your way? Then, calculate how much PF aka Provident Fund is there in the account since you started a job. This account balance supports you through the thick and thin times as the PF amount help you have an easy access to money while facing financial crises. So, this blog post will help you understand how to use PF alias the Provident Fund amount for purchasing a home.

Provident Fund

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Circle Rate: Know Its Relevance for the Home Buyers

The rise and fall in the circle rate decide the mood of a real estate market. Thus, being aspiring homeowner you must be aware of what this rate is and how it is relevant while purchasing a property. So, this blog post not only outlines the idea of circle rate but also let you, the reader know about the concept, significance, its effects on the home Buyer, property market and its importance one by one. Scroll down the page and read more about the same:

Circle Rate

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Property Buying: Vastu Tips You Must Consider for West-Facing Homes

A home buying process comprises of multiple things like money matter, interiors etc. In fact many people look for the direction of the main entrance too. This is known as home facing a particular direction. So, today know about the dos and don’ts  after buying a West-facing home as every residential property won’t fit into the budget, requirements and Vastu.

West Facing Homes

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Here are the tricks to keep the negative vibes away from the home and also know the tricks to welcome the positives energy inside your dream abode.

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Jointly-Owned Property: Points to Consider While Parting Ways

Getting married to the person of your choice is a picture-perfect beginning to a new life and thus you feel wishful about many things. The one thing that tops the chart of happy married life is to own a home alias a residential property. But, the life is full of uncertainties and thus some couples decide to part ways as things begin to go haywire and thus a legal process to divorce lead to custody of children and then come to owning a property. So, here are the key things you must remember about sharing property when filing for a divorce.

Jointly-Owned Property

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Legal View: Know the Sync between Property Construction and Income Tax Rules

Don’t feel relaxed only be receiving approval of home loan as the next step is construction of a residential unit/property which plays an important role for availing the Income Tax rebate. It might sound new to many of the aspiring homeowners particularly to those who wish to have an independent home/villa. But, take this seriously as things related to the construction of a property can make you lose huge money which can be earn back. So, consider the below-given points and pay attention to the timely completion of property construction.

Property Construction.

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Tips to generate additional income from your property

Investing in a property means capitalizing your lifetime finances into a valuable asset. This asset proves to be fruitful especially during times of financial crunch. However, with changing real estate scenario today there are many options available in the market to earn money from the property other than its dilution.

Additional Income from Property

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Many property experts believe that property taxes, utilities, and Mortgage payments are many ways through which an individual’s homes cost them. So in order to earn money from the property, ‘Passive income’ is the best option which is growing in trend these days among many homeowners. But before opting any of these ways, it is important to evaluate the demand-supply matrices and also keep a tap on the legalities involved in earning an additional income.

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Know the Importance of Buying Child-Friendly Home

Planning to buy a home? Then make sure to invest in a property that is child-friendly. Well, the parenthood comes with a lot of responsibilities and in today’s time bringing up a child/children is not as easy as it was earlier. Thus, the couples must look for a home/residential property that offers comfort not only to them but to their kids also in the future.

Buying Child-Friendly Home.

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So, know more about how to find a child-friendly home in your budget.

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