Selling Property? Keep the Legal and Taxable Aspect in Mind

The process of selling home involves two people initially but a proper selling deal includes three persons who are:

  1. Seller

  2. Buyer

  3. Legal Expert

Selling Property

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The reason behind hiring a legal person is important as this professional helps in completing all the legal procedure and makes transferring of property title and receiving of money easier. In fact, you as a seller must talk about the mode of payment and paperwork prior to finalizing the property deal.

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Sole Benefits of Buying Property in the Wife’s Name

The property purchase is a big thing as keep monetary issues, future security, social circle and your financial status at a stake. Therefore, people take a lot of time for searching a right home. But, many people spoil the deal by deciding to buy the property in their name. This can cause the property a bit costlier than the original value. Definitely, buying a home is no less than achieving something really big in life and also it is a key to happiness for the couples. Therefore it is important to understand the fact you can enjoy more perks by owning a property in your spouse’s name.

Buying Property in the Wife’s Name

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Yes, buy a home in your wife’s name and bear the joy of being a property owner. Here we have listed the benefits of buying property in wife’s name.

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Essential Tips to Buy Home for Retirement

Are you also planning to buy property where you can live peaceful post-retirement? Then, you must keep few points in mind before making a final home selection as one must live in a secure and amenity-enabled place during the old-age. Here are some tips to help you buy a home to live-in post-retirement.

Buy Home for Retirement

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Of course, the property market today offers a wide range of property option for all types of investors. But, the senior citizens must take few things into consideration choosing place as their home to live after retirement.

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A quick guide for first time women home buyers

Are you a working women professional and planning to buy your dream home? But quite unsure about the availability of home loans, interest rates or subsidy. Then stop thinking about all this. With Government and the whole country focussing on women empowerment these days even buying a house for a working woman has become an easy task.

first time women home buyers

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Owning your own home is always a dream for every woman and today as most of the women are employed and salaried, they can easily become a home owner. Especially those women who have just started their professional career have many reasons to buy their own home. With the promise of a higher take-home pay package, lower interest rates on home loans, reduced stamp duty, and a swing of affordable housing options on offer, a women buyer has many reasons to rejoice.

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Documents You Must Check Before Buying a Resale Property

A buying of property is not an easy task to accomplish. Thus, people think and review the location, property value, and other factors while purchasing a home. If you are also an aspiring home buyer and are looking to buy a resale property then here are some things that you must know before sealing the deal.

Documents You Must Check Before Buying a Resale Property

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Home Buyers: Know the Significance of Occupancy Certificate

Excited about shifting in your own home? Then, wait before taking the possession from the builder as there is one important thing to look for apart from the home key.

Home Buyers Occupancy Certificate

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Of course, possession letter is running high on your mind right now. But, are you forgetting about the OC – Occupancy Certificate in the excitement of moving into your own space? If yes, then be cautious because the unavailability of Occupancy Certificate is likely to land you in trouble.

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Five Tips to Find a Perfect Realtor

The realtor plays an important role in finalizing a home buying deal. Thus, it is important to choose a perfect real estate agent. The realtor is the first person who introduces you to a home-like structure. Again, the realtors know everything about the market, prospect’s perceptions, and buyer’s budget. Thus, it is essential to trust someone who is a seasoned professional in the property market.

Perfect Realtor

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But, today almost every realtor is active on the digital space. Thus, it becomes difficult to figure out the best among all. So, don’t feel confused as this blog post gives you the exact points to remember when choosing a realtor.

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Real Estate Prediction 2018: A Positive Pathway Ahead

The property market in India has seen a major turnaround in the recent times. In fact, the introduction of RERA [Regulation and Development Act] 2016 has transformed the atrocity of builders into the compassionate realtors. Thus, the real estate market is likely to come back on track in the year 2018.

Real Estate Prediction 2018

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This is a happy beginning for both, the buyers as well as for the realtors. This year is predicted to be an eventful period in the history of Indian real estate sector. There are multiple reasons that indicate good times for the Indian property market.

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Top Micro-Markets to Watch Out in 2018

After a long while, the real estate sector is witnessing boom especially with an effect of the RERA Act introduced by the Central Government. The emergence of small cities as a choice for purchasing residential projects is taking the entire property market by surprise. Also, the demand for dormitory properties near the newly developed commercial hubs of the country has sparked the row of excitement among the realtors. Interestingly, the capital cities have lost the race to suburb areas in order to attract the home buyers. That is the reason why, the property buyers across the country are heading to owe a permanent address in the developing regions.

Real Estate Micro Markets 2018

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The home buyers have become smarter than ever before. As today people take a note of how the place impact on his or her life after a certain time. Thus, the property-seekers opt for buying property around their workplace. This is because the proposed connectivity between the major places and commercial hubs makes life easy and peaceful. This future planning has left the entire real estate fraternity to think about the opportunities beyond capital cities.

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Six Steps to Sell Property Quickly

Home selling is a tough task. Thus, people approach realtor to accomplish their home selling purpose in short span of time. But, no one is sure to find a cultivated realtor who can help them find a right prospect within the minimum period of time. So, if you are one of the property sellers then here are the essential tips to sell property quickly.

Sell Property Quickly

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1. Arrange the Place Nicely

Remember, the first impression is the last impression. So, rearrange the property by removing unnecessary items from the place. We suggest you bring in closets of different sizes and store articles inside it. This will make your place look spacious and also gives the approx. idea of the carpet area.

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