Advantages of Buying RERA Registered Projects

The dream of being a property owner has become easier for almost every aspiring home buyer in India. The top reasons for realization of this dream are the unveiling of Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna [PMAY] Scheme that offers subsidy to the home buyers up to a limit and under certain conditions. Then the formation of Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act also known as the RERA Act.

Buying RERA Registered Projects

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This law started its full-fledged working from 01st May 2017. The guidelines of this Act help the home buyers in each aspect of the home buying procedure. The fool-proof working of the RERA Act leaves no loopholes from where the developer/builder can escape after selling a property via wrong ethics. A home buyer can keep his money and property safe by opting for a property purchase in the project registered under the RERA Act of that particular State.

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Integrated Township: Changing the future of real estate sector

In recent times, a new concept which has gained a rapid acceptance in the whole real estate sector is of Integrated Townships. They have become so popular among real estate developers that most of the projects which they are developing in current time are designed as integrated townships only.

Integrated Townships

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An Integrated township spans around acres of land which include independent houses, apartments, offices, shopping malls, cinemas, schools, hospitals and all other facilities like police and fire stations.

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Points to Consider While Buying a Home on the Basis of Sample Flat

India’s real estate market has completely evolved as a new sector from the past sometime. The reasons behind this growth are technology and competition. Also, the developers use multiple ways to attract the smart home buyers. Today, most of the aspiring prospects make a site visit to the plot or the under-construction building in order to witness how their dream home is going to look like. This ritual of visiting a site in order to buy property is not new, but the inception of Sample Flat at the site is something new as the construction-style has changed a lot in the recent times.

Sample Flat

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So, here are the things to consider while visiting a sample flat. But before that know what sample flat is?

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Commencement Certificate: Know It’s Features and Benefits

After letting you know about various documents related to the home buying procedure, we are now peeling-off another layer of certificates that is essential to check especially by the aspiring prospects. After Occupancy and Encumbrance, we are now listing the concept and advantages of the Commencement Certificate.

Commencement Certificate

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Pros and Cons of Buying Home on a Leasehold Plot

Today, the real estate sector is offering multiple housing projects to the aspiring home buyers in pan-India location. But, the home buying procedure involves technicalities which you must know while stepping into the property market.

Buying Home on a Leasehold Plot

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The key point which we are going to elaborate here must be known prior finalizing the home deal. It is so because a prospect can’t step back once the home buying procedure is completed. So, let us now talk about the land on which the home is being structured. Definitely, the location is the first thing that people consider while buying a home but remember the thin line between location and land. Here we are talking about the land quotient.

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Benefits of Renting a Second Home

A home buying describes elevation in your life and if it is a second home buying then surely it brings out the best for you. Yes, buying a second home is a long-term investment in two scenarios. In case one, the second home act as a retirement home and the other case makes you financially empowered as you rent this property and earn monthly income.

Renting a Second Home

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Apart from this, there are various other benefits which you can avail by doing so. We have brought the list of advantages of renting a second home, as the interest rate on home loan goes up and down along with the fluctuation in inflation rate. Take a look at how to pull out maximum benefit by hiring tenants.

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Rental Income: Residential vs Commercial Property!

Difference between Residential and Commercial Property

A residential building has capacious area, open spaces and dedicated parking arena. Whereas the commercial properties comprise of lesser space and won’t actually have a detailed structure of a washroom or a pantry. These two elements are separately constructed in the space you have for running a shop, coaching centre or any other business.

Residential vs Commercial Property

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Here is Why Green Homes Offer Better Living

The property market is witnessing a huge change in the housing trend. This is because of the smart home buyers who wish to buy a healthy home for their family.

Green Homes

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Well, what’s healthier than living in a healthy environment and the concept of Green Home offers everything under one roof to fulfill the buyers demand. But, then also many people misinterpret the meaning of an eco-friendly alias a green home. So, first have a look at the common misbeliefs about the same.

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