Tips for Engaged couples to buy property before wedding

Buying a property in your name is a dream for every individual, especially for those who are in the early stages of their career or who are newly-wed or who are about to get married. Talking about engaged couples, buying a home becomes a dream due to financial constraints and burdens of the pre and post wedding ceremonies.

buy property

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Reasons why Online Home Booking is Trending in Indian Realty Market

With digitization taking over the world, everything has come within the reach of an individual. Maybe grocery, electronics or any other daily need item, with just a touch on the smartphone, you can have access to anything you need. The same is taking place in the real estate market too. Gone are the days when a homebuyer runs from pillar to post to search and find the right property. With the onset of internet and online services, these days even a home can be booked through this facility.

Online Home Booking

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Property Transactions: Different Types of No Objection Certificates You must know

While buying a dream property is a simple yet time taking procedure, a lot of transactions are also involved at various stage of the whole process. From the signing of sale deed to receiving encumbrance certificate, registration papers etc. each document is very important and it’s always advisable to be careful about them.

Property Transactions

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Neharpar: A flourishing real estate investment destination in Faridabad

Popularly known as Greater Faridabad, Neharpar is a flourishing real estate investment destination in Faridabad. Due to its well-developed infrastructure, renowned educational institutions, health, and commercial centres, many home buyers have invested and moved towards this locality of Faridabad in the last few years.
With many proposed developments, Neharpar has emerged as a best bet for realty investment. Take a look at some of the factors that have added feathers to the Neharpar property market:


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Tips to save Tax while buying a Property

Are you also planning to buy a home? Then, this blog post is surely for you as a person must be aware of how to save taxes while owning a property. Hence, in this blog post, we have listed all the important points to consider when you plan to buy a home. So, go through this post and get the answers to all the questions that are making you anxious about being a home owner.

Save Tax

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How Aqua Line Metro will boost the realty Market of Noida and Greater Noida?

With Aqua Line Metro corridor all set to start its operations for the commercial usage in next few days, the realty market of both Noida and Greater Noida will be going to see a steep jump in terms of property prices as well as residential launches in coming future. The 29.7 km Aqua line corridor will connect the twin cities of UP i.e. Noida and Greater Noida.

Aqua Line Metro  boost realty Market

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Business Bay: A popular real estate investment destination in Dubai

Popularly regarded as a new emerging city within the Dubai city, Business Bay is one of the most favourable real estate destinations in current time. With a plethora of residential and commercial options available and new projects developing at a faster node, Business Bay will be regarded as a business capital of Dubai in future.

real estate investment destination in Dubai

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So what makes Business Bay a popular investment destination in Dubai? Let’s have a look:

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Know the Top localities to Invest in Gurgaon

Known as the Millenium City, Gurgaon today is one of the hottest favourite realty hotspots not only in NCR but in the entire country. People from various cities want to invest here. This is due to fast developing infrastructure, presence of Global and renowned MNCs, IT/ITes companies and a flourishing real estate market.

m3m melin

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With the population of prospective homebuyers to invest in the Gurgaon are increasing day by day, many new localities have emerged in the city that is gaining momentum in the property market and among property buyers too. All these localities are not only offering various properties option but that too at attractive prices. Take a look:

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Know the Top factors that Increases Property Price

Investing in a dream property is definitely an important decision of an individual’s life. A person looks into each and every aspect before buying home. One such aspect includes the future potential of the property i.e. the price appreciation or in real estate terms Return on Investment (ROI).

Property Price

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A good ROI is the ratio between the current value of the property to the original cost. Higher the ROI more is the possibility to gain good on our current property and to buy a bigger house by selling the old one.

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How Greater Noida (West) metro will boost the Surrounding Realty Market?

In the current NCR real estate scenario, Greater Noida (West) has emerged as a booming real estate market that is equipped with a sound infrastructure and many well-developed as well as proposed residential and commercial projects. Moreover, recent initiatives by the Government have made this area favourable amongst many prospective home buyers.

aqua metro

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