Tips for a Co-Borrower to Enhance Eligibility

Owning a home individually is definitely not a cup of tea for many aspiring homeowners. Thus, the need to opt for a home loan with the longest tenure is the one big thing that comes to your mind. But, now with the option to avail huge tax benefit you as a home buyer must look for a smart option and i.e. having a co-borrower to avail home loan.


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Things to do after Closure of your Home Loan

Every loan borrower has the determination to pay-off the home loan amount as soon as possible. But, paying off the last and final EMI [Equated Monthly Installment] is not enough to get away with the property papers kept in the bank custody. In fact, there are multiple formalities that you should complete to make life free from the financial assistance that was availed for buying a home.

Home Loan

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Scroll down the page and go through the other important things to do after the closure of your home loan.

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5 Factors that Consider How Much Loan You Can Avail

Owning a home is a big thing thus the process to apply for a home loan and getting it sanctioned is a tough task. But, apart from this you the aspiring homebuyer must also know the amount that can be availed under a particular loan as each of the home buyers has a budget when it comes to purchasing a property. So, below we are listing all the key factors that help one understand a loan amount you can avail to purchase a home:

Loan Application

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Know 3 key facts before transferring home loan balance

In today’s flexible financial landscape, buying a dream home with the help of Home loan is not a difficult task with many options available with banks. But with increasing interest rates in the past few years, the borrowed amount becomes significantly large with each passing day. At such point of time, transferring the home loan from one bank to another that offers a lower interest rate proves to be fruitful.

Home Loan Transfer

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A Home Loan Balance Transfer helps an individual in reducing the burden of High EMIs by transferring the outstanding loan to other banks with the lower interest rate. A loan borrower can get additional top-up loans, and enjoy features such as Flexi Hybrid Home Loan, pre-payment facility, and nil foreclosure charges which vary from bank to bank.

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5 Common myths and misconceptions about Credit Score

A CIBIL score or credit score is a three-digit number ranging from 300 to 900. It reflects how well or improperly a person has dispensed his/her loans or credit cards in the past. It plays a very important role while applying any kind of loan may be home, vehicle or personal. It is one of the important tools that lenders or banks keep in mind while passing any loan application form.

5 Common myths and misconceptions about Credit Score

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However, misconceptions about credit score among individuals continue to exist. Scroll down and read this blog, to know 5 common myths and misconceptions surrounding credit score:

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5 Points to Consider for Paying Low Interest Rate on Home Loan

The feeling of being a homeowner is amazing but the interest rate at which the home loan amount has to be paid off will amaze you for sure. So, inspite of depositing a huge sum of amount in calculation to the higher interest rate, consider the below-mentioned points as they are helpful to secure low-interest rate. The revision of CRR, Repo Rate and others impact the rate of interest hence consider these points to pay less:

Low Interest Rate on Home Loan

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Enjoy tax benefit with these four loans

While buying a dream house or applying for higher studies, loan borrowing is an important procedure if you don’t have strong financial backing. Moreover, it is also said that a loan provides lots of benefit to an individual but many a times its repayment becomes an expensive task which let the borrower fell pray of a debt trap.

Tax Benefit

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However, there are several loans available in the market which can provide a great relief to the borrowers along with tax exemptions too. Important among these are home loans, personal loan, education loan etc.  Let’s discuss them in detail to know the tax benefits:

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Home Loan Default: Know Ways to overcome debt distress

Buying a home via Loan has become quite easier these days especially for first time buyers. With the change in the financial landscape these days almost all the banks and financial institutions lend money to buy home which can be easily repaid in easy monthly installments (EMI). But sometimes due to financial crisis, a loan borrower fails to pay the EMI on time due to which they are considered as defaulters. These unavoidable circumstances are known as financial distress or debt distress.

Home Loan Default

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Reverse Mortgage Loan Scheme: Know How it is Beneficial

The Reverse Mortgage loan Scheme offers financial support particularly to senior citizens, who are usually not keen to sell their home. But, the issues like dependency on children or low pension rate push them to take such a hard discussion. Apart from the retired people, the about to retire citizens also think about how to have a financial stability in life post-retirement. But, now it’s time to smile and enjoy life as the availability of Reverse Mortgage Loan Scheme is the best way to live an independent life till last breath.

Reverse Mortgage Loan

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