10 Vastu Tips to Have Ideal Staircase

The staircase is an essential part of a home as it connects the entire home and the open area. So, inspite of designing this key feature of your abode in any direction we suggest taking an advice from a vastu consultant as it will help you experience a happy life. Apart from the direction, shape and material used in making a staircase also reflect in life. So, here are the vastu tips that you must consider before structuring staircase:

10 Vastu Tips to Have Ideal Staircase

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Best Vastu Tips for Store Room & Kitchen

A Store room is to keep many things including grains in some households. Thus, it is important to know the vastu-compliant direction and space to structure this part of the home. In fact, many people a store room adjoining kitchen in order to store edibles like grains, pulses and other edibles then here are the vastu tips to keep in mind as the wrong vastu of a store room can lead to many issues in life. Therefore check out the vastu-friendly tips while designing a store room at home:

Vastu tips for kitchen

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7 Designer Ideas to Style Living Room This Monsoon Season!!!

Monsoon is the most pleasant time of the year as one enjoys gorging onto the hot and lip-smacking dishes while enjoying a cup of coffee every now and then. But, the rainy brings moisture along with it and thus it becomes necessary to keep the interiors look stylish in order to minimize the effect of humidity that is often absorbed by the walls and furniture. So, check out these best designer ideas to style up the living room arena this monsoon season:

Designer Ideas to Decorate Living Room

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Vastu Shastra for Garden to Bring Good Fortune Home

A garden is a must arena in almost every home then be it an apartment, a small independent home or a villa. But, it is important to know about the direction in which the garden is designed and the property owner must also have knowledge of plants that he/she is planting in the garden. Interestingly, you don’t need to be an environmentalist or a Vastu expert to know all this as we here are listing all the important Vastu Shastra tips for decorating a Garden to bring good fortune home:

Home Garden

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Best International Bedroom Designs to Decorate Your Place

The bedroom is a personal space where you love to relax. But with the hectic work schedule and fast-paced life, people get annoyed and thus don’t even feel happy while lying back in the bedroom. The reason for this unhappiness is that regular bedroom design which you must change according to the trend. So, here we are listing some international bedroom designs that will help in getting back in the mood.

Bedroom Design Ideas

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Wall Sticker Quotes: A Perfect Way to Decorate Home

Frequent changes in wall paint is not budget-friendly and also a thing of past. So, why not try something different this time to decorate home? Here, we are listing a new style to make the walls look beautiful and the thing we are talking about are the wall quotes stickers. These are different from the regular sticker. So scroll down the page to find out the difference:

Wall sticker quotes

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Home Décor: 7 Best Ways for Interior on Wheels

Looking for options to revamp the home interiors? Then, this is blog post is surely going to help as today we are listing some unique ways to decorate the living paradise.The tyres that help you drive to various places also have the capability to make a home look classy. Thus, we are letting you know about home decor with wheels for which one is required to scroll down the page check the seven best ideas to beautify a home with wheels on the go.

tyre decor idea

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Give your boring wall a new look with these designer ideas

Walls are one element which is always given very less attention especially during decorating their home. People spend a huge amount of money in order to give their house the best interior look, on the other hand, walls are just used to hang antiques, frames and small furniture item. So, don’t you think it’s high time you must think a little out of the box to give your mundane walls some designer and unique look?

Wall decor ideas

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Yes, with a little extra effort, you can dress up your wall with these designer wall ideas. Let’s take a look at some of the creative ideas:

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