Green Home: A Perfect Décor Idea

Cooling is a mantra of many people in order to set home decor for the summer season. Of course, you must have also bought the bamboo chic and artificial grass in order to make your place look green and cool.

Green Home

Img : greenhome-construction

But, do you know that there is a permanent solution to get rid of the change in home décor as per the season? The answer is yes. Now get yourself a green home and stay cool and relaxed in every season.

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Home Buyers: Check if the Property has a Vastu-Dosh before Buying

Are you planning to buy a home? Then the realtors around you must be showcasing various properties according to the budget. But, you have other things in mind too such as locality, security and distance from the workplace.

Home Buyers Check if the Property has a Vastu-Dosh before Buying

Img : architecturaldigest

Well, these are important things one needs to consider before purchasing the property. But there is another thing which no aspiring home buyer should miss while buying property and that is Vastu-comply home. Yes, people nowadays take preventive measures to keep positivity at home and thus one should make sure to identify Vastu-dosh prior finalizing a home deal.

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Beautify Kitchen with these Trendy Curtains

The kitchen gets heat up more than any other space in a home, particularly during the summer season. Thus, you look for options for keeping this area cool. But, having an Air-conditioner vent or installing a fan here is not a wise decision as it makes cooking a tough job.

So, the problem of heated kitchen space remains the same. Wait and worry not, as we have bought some amazing Kitchen curtain designs to make you feel cool and fresh even while cooking at home.

1. Roman Shade – 

Give your kitchen a chic look by putting up this kind of easy to use curtains. These shades can be kept long and open. Also, you can fold them as per the requirement and hang them up by using the curtain holder.

Roman Shade

Img : sndimg

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Beautiful Door Decoration Ideas for your Home Design

The entry door is the first thing that leaves an impact on the guest’s mind. Definitely, you must have seen various decorative hanging items in the market but these are the repetitive and common things that people use to style their entry gate. But, you must be looking for something different to decorate the main gate of your adobe as a home décor reflects person’s style and persona.

Door Decoration Ideas

Img : sdwug

So, we have brought some trendy door decorative ideas to help you make the home look cool and chic this summer season.

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7 Bottle Vase Ideas to Refresh your Home Décor

Home decoration is one thing that people emphasis on and also notices how well their friends have decorated the adobe. This gives an idea about enhancing the home beauty.

Bottle Vase Ideas

Img : prettyhandygirl

But, with the availability of DIY – do it yourself ideas many people make their castle look perfectly decorated. Honestly, we all have a creative side and the only thing that makes a difference is an initiative to explore.

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False Ceiling – An Ultimate Way to Make Roof look Awe-Inspiring

Are you getting home paint ready to welcome the change of season? Then, let us tell you that having POP and paint on the ceiling are the things of past. As today, the home décor has taken a huge leap and thus people love to experiment with different things such as false ceiling which offers an affluent look to the home.

Of course, not everyone owns an independent villa but this doesn’t mean that you can’t make the place look beautiful. In fact, here are the designs that will enhance the look of your home as you combine the colors and designs according to the choice.

Check out the trendy false ceiling designs now:

1. False Ceiling at Dining Area –

The wooden framed false ceiling with a single string hanging in the middle offers ample lighting in the dining area. Also, the illumination of transparent light in this ceiling will make space look bigger.

False Ceiling at Dining Area

Img : pinimg

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Unique Partition Designs to Give an Extra Impact to Your Home Décor

Open spaces in a home play a very important role in keeping your furniture in an arranged way. But with the advent of compact urban homes, people opt for various designer options to create more open space in their home. In order to give open spaces a more impactful and designer approach, division between rooms or certain areas works best. This division gave birth to the ideas of partitions or room dividers.

In traditional homes, these partitions are used as a cloth changer, but in today’s designer interior trend, these partitions are not just used as a functional element but are also used an as attractive decorative idea. They can be simple or unique as per the room’s design. And yes, if used cleverly, they are the perfect way to add dimension and structure to open floor plans.  So, let’s take a glimpse of such unique partition designs:

Traditional partition

These partitions display traditionally used designs which will give you a complete old-style setup.  Small motifs create less visibility among open spaces, making it a completely different area of your house.

Traditional partition

Img : skeledog

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7 Inspirational Living Room Designing Ideas For New Year

With advent of New Year eve, the planning for designing and decorating your home might already be going around in your mind. Surely, you want to boast about your choices and ranges of selections in this New Year. So, here are few inspiring ideas for your living room designs that will allure your friends’ heart out.

 Colour that is White and Shine

Give your living room the colour that is white like snow and elegant and shining by nature. With few green elements in the room, make it an elegant place for the New Year eve.

Colour that is White and Shine

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Decorating Tips for Festive Winters By Richa Sharma

As soon as I hear someone say ‘winter is coming’, I start thinking of all wintery festivals. Diwali just went by and I’m sure you are already preparing for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This is that time of the year when you have to be on your toes to host your family and friends. So here are some affordable and time saving hacks to make your home look stylish and festive ready!

1. Re-use your Diwali lights
We all put rice/fairy lights outside our home.  how about putting some in a jar or old wine bottles?

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How to make your Room’s Decor Attractive

Ever wondered why some homes look so inviting and appealing while others in spite of expensive furniture and amenities leave you stone-cold. There’s nothing like coming back to a warm, welcoming and visually-appealing home after a long and tiring day. People often feel that changing the look of their home to give it an attractive, cozy and inviting look is a tedious and expensive task. Well, it need not be so. The trick is to know what to change and how to change it.

How to make your Room’s Decor Attractive

How to make your Room’s Decor Attractive

This season, the focus is as much on texture as it is on color and design. Texture has that unique ability which allows you to imagine how the object/fabric would feel without requiring you to actually touch it. For example, when you see a chrome-plated kitchen top, you know that the surface will feel smooth and cold if you touch it.

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