The Worth of a Calm and Quiet House

Do you prefer a home at the bustling center of a city or do you love the quiet humdrum of a suburban lifestyle? This is a tricky question, by the way! Because everyone would like to have a house close to their office locations which is often in the central parts of the city. However, after a tiring day at office, everyone also wants to reach a calm crash pad away from the traffic noises and non-stop activities. Cities like Dehradun offer a calmer lifestyle. The New Residential Projects in Dehradun offer a luxury lifestyle in the lap of nature. But what if you don’t get the privilege of living in a serene city like that?

The Worth of a Calm and Quiet House

As they say “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, similarly “Quiet is in the ears of the beholder”. Calmness and quiet is of great importance when it comes to the real estate sector. A quiet home is valued more than the one that offers a noisy surrounding. In India, developers have found a midway between the two. A home in a suburb that is still in the developmental phase offers the advantages of being closer to the main city area providing a serene atmosphere at the same time. Reports suggest that quiet adds 10% more to the home’s value.

Nevertheless, there is a segment of buyers who actually prefer the ‘buzz’ of a city life. This is where our quote about quiet being in the ear of the beholder comes true. Those who move into the city for giving a flight to their professional life and those who are in the initial stages of their career find proximity to workplace an important criterion. But this also depends on the preferences of an individual. One who is a writer might want a calm surrounding where he/she can concentrate on his/her work. Whereas, others may want a place where they have ample entertainment options after work. So, calmness is subjective in nature.

If you do not have the ‘privilege’ of living in a quiet home, you can make your home quieter with the help of these simple tips:

  • Install wall insulation into your home to keep the street noises out of your home.

  • Set up your own botanical garden in the house.

  • Go for comparatively taller secure fences.

  • Bring blinds that keep out the sunlight as well as noises.

  • Window glazing can also be a better option.

Wall fencing and insulation are a great way of keeping the street noise out of your home and making it your quiet haven. The value of quietness cannot be measured in monetary terms but it sure does add to the value of the house you are going to buy. So, first know your preferences- whether you like the lively lifestyle of the city or do you want to snuggle up in your own sweet den without any disturbances. Know what you want and then look for your home.

Happy home-hunting!

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