Home above Shop? Here are the Tricks to make it Better!

Having a home above your small shop is a concept that has always existed in India. Though apartments, villas and other Luxury Homes in India have now become a preference of the working class but businessmen in small towns of India still prefer the old way of having a shop and home in the same building. So if you are seeking a new shop and plan on turning the flat above it into your home, here are a few tricks to help you sail smooth through the makeover.

Home above Shop Here are the Tricks to make it Better!

Location Matters- Yes, it does. Location not only matters for your shop but also for the little home you will have above it. You obviously need the shop in a commercial area, but you should also make sure that the area is quiet at least during night. Also, check with the authorities whether such a dwelling is allowed in that particular area.

Self-Use or Rental- You should also be clear about the idea of your commercial ground floor- whether you want to have your own shop or let it out on rent. However, having your own shop makes a lot of sense as you would save the commuting time to the shop faraway.

Peaceful Bedroom- Since your home will be located in a commercial area, you must try to keep your bedroom to the rear end of your house where there is less noise and commotion. This will give you greater privacy and an ambience conducive to sound sleep. Go for a floor plan that lets you do so.

Creative Façade- Since the frontal part of your home will have a shop underneath, you must try and do the facade in a way that it creatively matches the shop. You can also use the upper part of your building to advertise your shop.

Living Room- The living room is the place where you spend most of your day time. Being located in a noisy area, you should try and match the living area with the bustling part of the shop that is just below the room. You wouldn’t even notice the difference.

Brighten it up- Usually, homes above shops can be dingy and less lightened. You can brighten it up by using mirrors and glass dividers in the house. You should also prepare a roof garden or balcony garden to freshen it up a little more. Design a patio for you to relax in the evening after closing your shop.

Many a times, these homes can be smaller in area. So you have to think about creating more storage space. Foldable beds or chairs would be great. Behind the door shoe racks, slider cupboards, etc., will also improve storage in your house.

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