Budget Décor: Add Some Fun to Your Patio

Get ready for summers by adding some beauty to your outdoors, grab a drink and a book and make your outdoor space your favorite haunt with some innovative low budget decorative ideas. Front porches and back patios are great places to escape and enjoy a peaceful summer day. Decorating your patio shouldn’t cost you a bomb; you can decorate on a low budget and get some awesome results. In fact some small tweaks can create a huge impact on any space, specially your patio.

Budget Décor Add Some Fun to Your Patio

Budget Décor Add Some Fun to Your Patio

Hang up a vintage sign- Much like an art work anchors a room, your vintage sign can bring focus to your outdoor room. Try buying one at the flea market and there you will make a style statement.

Bring out a colorful rug- Have imperfect pavers or cracked bricks, or just want to give your patio a new lease on life? Whatever the reason, a colorful rug can do wonders, and it will also make your outdoor look like an extension of your inner living area. Feels like having an outdoor living room.

Outdoor curtains- Curtains are not only for inner space you can have curtains for the outdoors and create another room or get some privacy. Use waterproof no fuss material and it will cost less for your patio.

Create salvaged pallets furniture- Outdoor furniture can be very expensive; get wooden pallets from your local store and make furniture for seating or daybeds throw some colorful cushions and there you are all set. This is a cost effective tip.

Try tree stumps table- Get some tree stumps and cut them to equal height to make a table base, add a table top of your choice and you have created an unique piece. You have showcased your creativity and have used the recycling method.

Café lights will do the trick- A few strands of café lights are the easiest and cheapest way to spruce up your patio. These days they come in solar variety too.

Plant a vertical garden- Small space go in for a vertical garden, nothing like colorful sprayed cans holding your blooms and turning the patio into something magical.

Do more with furniture- Make multiple use of your furniture, like a work bench can be used to display your greenery and used as a buffet; also things can be stored below, who says you need big spaces small can equally be comfortable.

Create a fairy garden- If you have a small space, then create a small fantasized garden so that you don’t have to make room for quaint paths or benches. So make your outer space which is drab into fab, by adding lighting, drapes and more to make it more alluring and comfortable. Opt for circular fables over linear shapes. Round tables are better to navigate around and can accommodate an extra guest at the last moment. Bring some noise in, like the sound of flowing water you need not have an elaborate setup, but a simple free standing fountain can do the trick. Nix in some pattern and color, so your place looks vivid and exciting.

A lot can be accomplished on a small budget all you need is to be adventurous to try things out.

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