Benefits of Investing in an Integrated Township Project

The real estate world is a dynamic one; it never stays the same. Popular trends keep changing from time to time. Newer trends come up and beat the older ones. What is in vogue nowadays is the trend of integrated townships. These mixed use development projects are increasingly becoming popular for the economies of scale they provide. Generally, such projects are launched at the peripheries of already established cities and are self-sufficient in terms of infrastructure and civic amenities. Several Residential Property in Thane have been launched under the integrated township module.

Benefits of Investing in an Integrated Township Project

The reason why integrated townships became so popular is that they catered to the main challenges of urbanization in the country i.e., overcrowding and unplanned development. These mass development projects consist of high-quality residential and commercial spaces. Banks, hospitals, retail outlets, convenience stores, ATMs, restaurants, multiplexes, clubs and recreational sports- everything is available in a township premises.

There are many locations in India that are perfect for real estate development but lag behind due to the unavailability of supportive infrastructure. In such cases, integrated townships come to the rescue of developers as well as investors. They offer great value to the buyers as all civic amenities are available at their doorstep. These are developed as a city which solves the core challenges of urbanization. The responsibility of upgrading the physical and social infrastructure of the suburban area is on the shoulders of the developer. This is beneficial because the end-users will not have to wait endlessly for the government to improve the locality’s infrastructure.

Integrated townships work on the concept of ‘economies of scale’. When there is mass development, the unit cost of development and maintenance is comparatively low. This is advantageous for both builder and investor.

Investing in an integrated township project will provide the following benefits to the investors:

  • Higher return on investment as significant commercial development exists alongside the residential one.

  • Initial cost is lower because of it being developed along the peripheries away from city’s central location.

  • Solves all the urbanization issues and meets all civic needs of an end-user.

  • Calls for a larger resale value in comparison to the standalone residential projects.

  • Eyed by the NRIs as it has great potential for future growth and the property values multiply manifolds.

Though integrated townships are still an evolving concept in India, the future of such projects is very bright. Investing in such mixed use development is definitely a good idea.

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