Beautiful Door Decoration Ideas for your Home Design

The entry door is the first thing that leaves an impact on the guest’s mind. Definitely, you must have seen various decorative hanging items in the market but these are the repetitive and common things that people use to style their entry gate. But, you must be looking for something different to decorate the main gate of your adobe as a home décor reflects person’s style and persona.

Door Decoration Ideas

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So, we have brought some trendy door decorative ideas to help you make the home look cool and chic this summer season.

1. Floral Monogram –

Design a floral monogram of your favorite alphabet by using chicken wire, floral foam, fresh flowers and fabric flowers in order to offer a fresh look to your entry door.

Floral Monogram

2. Watering Can – 

Give a refreshing look to your home by converting a watering can into flower hanger. Place the fresh flowers into the can and give a fresh cool look to your home.

Watering Can

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3. Umbrella Wearth

Give your main entrance an unusual look by replacing the regular flower bunch with this one. Choose a vibrant color umbrella and get it installed at the entry gate. The addition of bright colored flowers into this umbrella will offer an energetic look to the home.

Umbrella Wearth

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4. Garden Hose Wearth

The garden, bow made from satin and fresh flowers make a perfect combination for the summer season. This type of door decoration is new to many people and thus their home gets a completely new look.

Garden Hose Wearth

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5. Moss Letters

These are easy to make letters as one need Moss sheet, paint, artificial or fresh grass and paint to color. Cut the moss sheet according to the shape of the alphabet you want to hang on the door and paste the grass onto it. Also, you can color the entire letter in a single color or in the dual shade as per the choice and make your entry gate different from others.

Moss Letters

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6. Wooden Tags

Each home says something about its landlord. Therefore give your home a voice by hanging wooden tags onto the door. The change in season brings fresh wooden tags in the market. So, choose any one which suits your thought-process and hangs it on the main door.

Wooden Tags

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7. Fresh Flower Bonanza

The bunch of fresh flowers looks beautiful always. So, hang the fresh smelling flowers on the door and bring in the happiness and sweetness like flower nectar.

Fresh Flower Bonanza

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8. Vintage Door Look

Search your treasure box and bring out the old-camera from it. Take out the non-working elements of this camera and add fresh flowers inside. Hang this on the main door and add a vintage look to your home.

Vintage Door Look

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