How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

With the rising rate of residential apartments in metro cities of India, the builders also try to provide maximum to the buyers within their budget. However, to offer it, better they also have to compromise on few things. Bathroom is the place that suffers the most in terms of area. Most of us have small bathrooms in our homes and complain about the lack of storage space.Small Bathroom How to Make it Look BiggerThough you cannot do anything regarding the size of the bathroom, you can surely make few changes to improve storage and create an illusion of space.

Sanitary Ware with Storage Space

Builders now a days provide sanitary ware with inbuilt storage spaces. Ask for pedestal basins as they cover lesser space. According to your storage needs, you might as well consider one with drawers and shelves. ‘Behind the mirror’ storage is also a good idea. Open shelves and floating cabinets are also gaining popularity.

Create Illusionary Space- There are number of ways to create illusion of space in a room. You can place large mirrors on opposite walls in order to create depth to a small bathroom. Placing comparatively larger tiles is also a good way to do that. Try to show as much floor as possible; more floor, more space illusion. Don’t put carpets or unnecessary coverings.

Invest in Better Doors – For a small area, sliding or pocket doors are considered the best. Since they slide parallel to or into the wall, much space is saved even when the door is ‘ajar’. It also gives a clean look to your bathroom. If you have a hinged door, make space for hanging towels behind it, instead of stacking the same in racks.

Draw the Eye Upwards- Creating illusion of a higher ceiling will also make your bathroom look bigger. You can do this by extending the tiles up to the ceiling wall. Putting vertical striped bathroom friendly wallpaper is also a good idea. Decorate with different patterned tiles around the edge of the ceiling to attract the eyes upwards.

Use Subtle Colors- Say no to bold colors in the bathroom. Subtle colors will add more space illusion. Also keep it simple, no intricate patterns. Light and simple decor makes a bathroom look larger.

Choose the Lights wisely- Let maximum natural light in. If the bathroom is oriented in a way that no natural light can enter, consider a skylight. Transparent objects will be better for a small bathroom as opposed to the opaque ones.

A wise use of color, lights, mirror and decor can transform your small cluttered bathroom into a spacious and luxurious one. Create storage, keep stuff hidden inside, show more and show better.

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