Cozy Living Room Ideas to decorate Interiors

The rain showers these days have bought down the temperature and thus you might be feeling to relax in the living room while sipping a hot mug of coffee. Hence, we are suggesting you some cozy living room ideas to make the home décor look perfect. So, scroll down the blog post and check out some amazing home décor ideas for living room.

Cozy living room

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DDA Housing Scheme 2019: First Phase Launched; 1250 Flats on Sale

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has launched the first phase of the ambitious Housing scheme for the year 2019 recently. The Authority has decided to sell a total of 1250 flats in the first phase and on a first-come-first-serve basis. These flats are situated in Ramnagar Colony, Narela and Seersapur. According to the latest news report, 700 flats already booked by prospective homebuyers within 24 hours of the launch.

DDA Housing Scheme

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Decorative planters to make Home look Beautiful

Searching for ideas to make the home look more stylish? Then, you must think about plants but in a different manner. As here we are talking about placing beautiful and decorative planters as they will escalate the interiors of your home. So, before you start thinking about placing some golden coloured, small sized and balcony-friendly pots we suggest you scroll the page down and check out the best planter ideas to enhance a home décor:

Decorative planters

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Tips for Engaged couples to buy property before wedding

Buying a property in your name is a dream for every individual, especially for those who are in the early stages of their career or who are newly-wed or who are about to get married. Talking about engaged couples, buying a home becomes a dream due to financial constraints and burdens of the pre and post wedding ceremonies.

buy property

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Reasons why Online Home Booking is Trending in Indian Realty Market

With digitization taking over the world, everything has come within the reach of an individual. Maybe grocery, electronics or any other daily need item, with just a touch on the smartphone, you can have access to anything you need. The same is taking place in the real estate market too. Gone are the days when a homebuyer runs from pillar to post to search and find the right property. With the onset of internet and online services, these days even a home can be booked through this facility.

Online Home Booking

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Property Transactions: Different Types of No Objection Certificates You must know

While buying a dream property is a simple yet time taking procedure, a lot of transactions are also involved at various stage of the whole process. From the signing of sale deed to receiving encumbrance certificate, registration papers etc. each document is very important and it’s always advisable to be careful about them.

Property Transactions

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Neharpar: A flourishing real estate investment destination in Faridabad

Popularly known as Greater Faridabad, Neharpar is a flourishing real estate investment destination in Faridabad. Due to its well-developed infrastructure, renowned educational institutions, health, and commercial centres, many home buyers have invested and moved towards this locality of Faridabad in the last few years.
With many proposed developments, Neharpar has emerged as a best bet for realty investment. Take a look at some of the factors that have added feathers to the Neharpar property market:


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Land Acquisition for Jewar Airport will begin by January End: Authority

Anita Meshram, the divisional commissioner informed that the district administration will commence land acquisition for Jewar Airport by January-end. The authority will acquire acquiring 1,334 hectares land for the proposed airport.

Jewar Airport

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She further said that the administration already sent its report on the land to the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh State Government. This report is sent under Section 19 of the Land Acquisition Act and the same will come into action once the notification for land acquisition is issued by the Government.

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Tips to Style Home with Artificial Plants

The bright and sunny day in the winter season expects more greenery around. But, not everyone has a garden area to grow multiple greens. If this is the case with you then we have bought smart tips to enhance the home décor of your place with artificial plants. But, remember that every faux plant can be placed anywhere. Thus, scroll down and know about how to decorate a home with artificial plants.

Home with Artificial Plants

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Dubai Realty Market to attract more home buyers in 2019: Report

The real estate market of Dubai has always attracted homebuyers from various countries. This can easily be understood by the last year data which shows housing sales in Dubai was the main reason behind the steady growth of the city’s property market. However, a new survey report, published recently has revealed that this momentum will remain same this year too.

Dubai Realty Market

Img : propertyfinder

As per the report, Dubai will attract more homebuyers in 2019 that will eventually lead to growth in the real estate market.

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