Architects and Designers: Writing Your Dream Home Story!

We read books, watch plays and we know that they tell a story, but what most of us don’t realize is that home design can also tell a story. But how can concrete, bricks, wood etc. tell a story? For a home to do this, it has to be inviting. It has to draw us in; moreover, it has to encourage us to create and use our imagination.

Architects and Designers Writing Your Dream Home Story!

Architects and Designers Writing Your Dream Home Story!

Architects plan and design buildings and coordinate construction. It takes a lot of hard work and exams to qualify as an architect. When you are building your dream home or remodeling, the most important relationship you will establish is with your architect. He will capture your dreams and ideas and translate them into a language that the contractors can understand. Your architect puts down your thoughts on paper, and helps you visualize your ideas from the beginning to the finish so you know what shape your dreams will take and you won’t face disappointment. He is the writer who gives shapes and contours to your ideas and even brick and mortar start talking.

Why do we need to hire an architect?

We need architects because they are the right people to guide us and make and draw designs according to our ideas and specifications. They are the ones who make the final blueprint telling and showing you how your finished home will look. They oversee your project from start to finish; these pros have the skills and training to keep your project running smoothly. They have a role in all aspects of the project, from sight selection and feasibility studies through construction observation to project closure procedures.

Architects are inspired by nature; they build the homes and buildings that bridge the private, safe interiors with the outside world. So it makes sense that no matter which style your architect works in, nature is almost an invariable inspiration.

Regardless of the size of the job, homeowners should realize that a contractor has zero training in design. Architects can work with challenging sites, listen to your needs and wants, and express them in a unique design specially tailored for you. Your architect has to be in sync with your ideas, there needs to be trust, empathy, common vision, good communication and mutual respect for you to get your dream home. He or she is the translator of your dreams and can help you create your own desirable dream abode.

They are not only the script writers of your story but also help you edit, they are in with you from start to finish. So let your ideas turn your home into your desired dream home with your architect as your dream merchant.

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