Should You Hire an Architect to Remodel Your Home ?

Remodeling your home and wondering how to go about it? If you are going to change the footprint of your home then getting professional help is advisable. A licensed architect will give polish to your home and will take care of all the problems during the job. For small jobs the contractor and homeowner can do the designing, and get the job done, like enlarging a window or breaking a non-bearing wall, but for bigger jobs, whole house renovations, new kitchens, you should consider hiring an architect or professional designer.

Should You Hire an Architect to Remodel Your Home

Should You Hire an Architect to Remodel Your Home

Who is an architect?

Architects are trained in design theory, engineering and management. Architects are skilled at coming up with inventive ideas to solve complex design problems and at making sure that a project is true to itself aesthetically. An architect not only keeps an eye on the progress of the work but also acts as your advocate with contractors.

Choosing your architect is not an easy job and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. The person you select will be the brain behind your project, an invaluable problem solver, a good listener and the one keeping your budget on track. Important renovations need the professional touch, which only an architect can provide, so for a big overhaul hire a good, renowned architect.

Get to know about him, check his credentials and then hire. Ask him these questions-

  • Who will do my project?

  • What project management services do you provide?

  • What is your signature style?

  • Can you provide three dimensional drawings?

  • What will you charge?

  • Will you provide two or three contractors?

Architects can do more than provide you with the designs and the blueprint, they also can-

  • Manage the project.

  • Help you hire a contractor

  • Check the contractors work as the job proceeds.

  • Make design adjustments as the work progresses.

  • Review invoices and get lien waivers from contractors as work progresses so you have no problems later on.

Get to know your architect, because you will be constantly in touch with him. The person you met may not be the person who will be working with you, so find out and maintain a friendly rapport so your work runs smoothly and you are hassle free.

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