7 Tips to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali

The festival of lights i.e. Diwali is approaching soon and you must be busy searching for gifts, decoration items and other home makeover things. But, with the pollution at a danger mark, you might be thinking of how to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. So, in this blog post we let you know the tips to celebrate the festival of light in an environment-friendly manner. Simply scroll down the page to find out smart ways to celebrate a pollution-free Diwali.

Happy Diwali

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1. LED Lighting

This Diwali say not to lights that consume more electricity and becomes a reason for an increase in power bill next month. We suggest you decorate both exteriors as well as the home interiors with LED lights as they consume less electricity and also produce less heat which is harmful to the environment as well as for the humans. In fact, more options are available in LED lights in comparison to the normal lighting stuff and hence its time to switch on the environment-friendly lights as pollution is already creating havoc in life.

LED Lighting

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2. Brass or Steel Puja Thali

The metals like brass, silver and steel are known to be pure and thus we suggest the use of a puja thali made from any of these metals. Many people decorate a thali which is use for a normal eating purpose at home but that’s not right. In fact, keep a separate puja thali to use it during the festival and keep it with other puja material so that its pureness ensures generation of positive vibes every time you perform a Diwali puja.

Brass or Steel Puja Thali

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3. Home Made Sweets  

Festival is all about sweets and the market has a wide choice of sweets to choose from. But, the adulteration in food is also an issue during this time of the year. So, instead of taking risk with health we suggest you prepare sweets at home. In fact, the sweets making procedure has become easier with the availability of ingredients in the supermarkets near all of us.

Home Made Sweets

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4. Floral Decoration

Step out in the flower market early in the morning and shop for some regular and exotic flowers. The flowers like Marigold, Rajnigandha are said to be auspicious and should be hanged at doors on the occasion of Diwali and to enhance the look of these flowers we suggest you add strands of Ashoka leaves in between. Now, focus on exotic flowers like peace lily that comes in both pink and white colours, Anthriums, Tulips, Orchid and Gardenia. Decorate flower vases and corners of your home with these fragrances.

Floral Decoration

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5. Community Cracker Burning

Well, this is something new to India but is actual good. People normally visit each other’s home to exchange Diwali wishes but leave for home soon after. So, instead of doing this, gather at one place for example at a friend’s place and burn crackers there only. This prevents pollution as burning of crackers by many people at one place is better than burning crackers by many people at multiple locations. So, try community cracker burning and enjoy Diwali with less pollution.

Community Cracker Burning

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6. Gift Greens

Gifts are the memories of a person who holds a special place in your life. So, gift your loved ones with plant sapling and let your relationship turn strong with the plant’s growth. Also, this gifting idea is best as the sapling is frequently planted because greens are at a larger risk of drooping which exhausts the freshness of a plant. So, this is a small step towards environment-friendliness which you must initiate this Diwali.

Gift Greens

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7. Donations

We all gift something or other to our beloved people. But, there are many needy people who don’t get even what is required to live such as clothes, shoes and toys. So, if you think about shopping for yourself then kindly donate old clothes, shoes, toys and other items to those from whom all these things matter the most to live a normal life.


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