7 Designer Ideas to Style Living Room This Monsoon Season!!!

Monsoon is the most pleasant time of the year as one enjoys gorging onto the hot and lip-smacking dishes while enjoying a cup of coffee every now and then. But, the rainy brings moisture along with it and thus it becomes necessary to keep the interiors look stylish in order to minimize the effect of humidity that is often absorbed by the walls and furniture. So, check out these best designer ideas to style up the living room arena this monsoon season:

Designer Ideas to Decorate Living Room

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1. Scandinavian Living Room

The countries of North Europe and North Atlantic regions are known as Scandinavian. So, dress up your living room area like the home décor of these countries including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden to name a few. The smart use of pastel colours here offer a refreshing look every day and help you stay active due to the positive vibes these pastel shades releases.

Scandinavian Living Room

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2. Modern House Interior

The pastel orange colour with a touch of light grey, aqua blue and yellow colour offers coolness to the vision. So, decorate the home in this modern style and give your home a smart look. Also, try to place L-Shaped sofa in the living room and make the area look more capacious. In fact, the placing of a folding coffee table will also offer an aesthetic look.

Modern House Interior

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3. Cottage Style Living Room –

Add brightness to the room by fixing beautiful lighting fixtures. Also, hang up the pastel shaded curtains to make the living room bigger and brighter. In fact, the addition of lighting fixtures, pastel-shaded curtains and wall paint not only make the room look spacious but it also enhances the style of home overall.

Cottage Style Living Room

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4. Living room with Highlight

Decorate the living room by blending the pastel shades with that of a darker tone of the same colour. Choose a dark colour for one of the walls you wish to highlight in the living room and opt for the lighter tone alias pastel shade of the same colour. This will offer a smart look to the space and will also help you stay upbeat all through the rainy season.

Living room with Highlight

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5. Simple Living Room

Simplicity brings in Style. So, work on this quote and decorate the living room area with one pastel colour. Give a simple and sleek look to the entire living room by painting all the walls in a uniform colour like pistachio, pastel pink or pastel rose. The placing of a bookshelf in a single colour elevates the ambiance of the entire space.

Simple Living Room

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6. Massachusetts Beach House –

The smooth-stitched sofas and a coffee table of pastel colour in a slightly dark shade set the mood for a get together during the monsoon season. The hanging of white coloured curtains in particular balance the vibrant and pastel colours used in this style of living room. So, give your home an international touch by implementing these ideas.

Massachusetts Beach House

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7. Royal-Style Living Room –

Give your sofa set a contrast look by placing a single-colored cover on sofas along with the placement of contrast-coloured cushions. Like here, the use of pastel coffee colour and aquatic blue offers a royal look to the living room. Also, you must have a fireplace in the living room during the monsoon seasons as it helps to maintain warmness inside the living castle.

Royal-Style Living Room

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