7 Bottle Vase Ideas to Refresh your Home Décor

Home decoration is one thing that people emphasis on and also notices how well their friends have decorated the adobe. This gives an idea about enhancing the home beauty.

Bottle Vase Ideas

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But, with the availability of DIY – do it yourself ideas many people make their castle look perfectly decorated. Honestly, we all have a creative side and the only thing that makes a difference is an initiative to explore.

Our distinct color and texture choices help us design something beautiful. So have you tried hands at crafting something for home decoration? If not then have a look at this blogpost and add a stylish touch to your sweet home.

You must have bottles pile up in the storeroom which occupies space unnecessarily. But, what if we say that you can design beautiful home décor items from these bottles?

Yes, you can sculpt these bottles into gorgeous-looking flower vase while using your creativity. WOW is the word for this idea. So, have a look at these seven amazing bottle vases and make your home look astonishing.

1. Vintage Bottle Vase – 

Add some exotic flowers in these bottles and place them in corners such as a living room corner, in the lobby or in the corner of your room. The vintage bottles and their vibrant colors will grab the eyeballs even in the corner and offer not so usual look to the place.

Vintage Bottle Vase

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2. Beer Bottle Bud Vase – 

Stop in case you are going to throw the beer bottles as they can enhance your home décor. Get these bottles clean from inside out and paint them with the color of your choice. After which beautify the bottle with beads, pearls and other stuff you like. Then get some flowers tuck in the bottles and place them at the dining table. Yes, the Beer Bottle Bud Vase looks amazing on the dining table as it is different from the regular flowerbox.

Beer Bottle Bud Vase

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3. Farmhouse Vase – 

Style your home while balancing the ecosystem. The light-green colored bottles look cool and offer a nature’s feel. Thus, you can elevate the look of your balcony or a wall by creating hanging vase from these bottles. We suggest you place some delicate flowers into this vase which is also known as the Farmhouse vase. Also, try to hang the Farmhouse Vase on a light-colored wall as it gives a vibrant and contrast look.

Farmhouse Vase

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4. Remodeled Beer Bottle Vase – 

Cut the beer bottles from the center and fill them with fresh water. Pipe in the seasonal flowers in these bottle vases and let the fresh fragrance flow through the home. You can place these vases in a linear manner on a tabletop to style your place.

Remodeled Beer Bottle Vase

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5. Perfume Bottle Vase – 

This bottle vase is distinct from any other flowerpot you place at home. Cut and paste a beautiful picture of your choice on the bottle. Remove the spray pipe and plant a single-stem flower in this bottle vase. The Perfume bottle vase is perfect to uplift the mood in your bathing space. Also, decorate your cooking station with this flower box as it reduces the smell of spices here and spread some pleasing fragrance in the atmosphere.

Perfume Bottle Vase

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6. Frost Bottle Vase –

The bottles dedicatedly used for refrigeration can elevate your home décor. Instill some green plants in the Frost Bottle Vase and make space look beautiful. Remember to place three or more bottles at a single place as the different-colored bottles look beautiful together.

Frost Bottle Vase

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7. Wine Bottle Vase –

Refurnish the wine bottles with thread and other decorating material. Cover the bottles creatively and place blooming buds into the vase. Decorate the coffee table or a balcony with Wine Bottle Vase and add a classy look to your home.

Wine Bottle Vase

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Try these funky bottle vases and give your home a refreshing look.