5 Decor Tips to Spruce up Your Bathroom

In the brouhaha of waking up on time and getting ready for work, we try to spend the least time in our bathroom. This chaotic lifestyle has removed the term ‘bathroom’ from the list of ‘places to relax’ in the home. However, when you contemplate over the matter, you will find that the bathroom is not only a place to hurriedly clean yourself. If you look beyond the shampoo bottles and soggy towels, you will find that the bathroom is actually a calming place to relieve you of the day’s weariness. The size of the room does not matter; you can find ways to cope with a small bathroom. All you need is to learn how to get back your ‘serene space’ in the bathroom.

5 Decor Tips to Spruce up Your Bathroom

5 Decor Tips to Spruce up Your Bathroom

Here are a few tips:

Make it Feel Like Your Own- Top interior designers suggest that the most important part of a home decor is to personalize it and make it look like your own. The same formula applies to the bathroom. It is highly possible that your bathroom cabinets would be filled with your husband’s grooming stuff and your kid’s shampoos and lotions. Where is the ‘you’ factor? You need to set your own area. Take a drawer or a medicine cabinet and fill it with only your own essentials.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment- When you are lounging in the bathtub or when you are taking a shower, you need something for entertainment. It maybe a soft music or a fast one- according to your choice. Get a television installed on the wall opposite to the tub so that you can enjoy your favorite show while basking. Or you can also set up a table for installing a music system. On the table next to the bathtubs head, keep a stack of latest magazines so you don’t have to read the shampoo bottles every time.

Choose the Right Kind of Lighting- Lights play important roles for every room and more so for the bathroom. Best way is to invest in a good dimmer so that you can choose the intensity of light according to your mood.

Adopt Minimalism- Remember the phrase- “Less is more”! The bathroom is the place to clean yourself so it should look clean enough to make you feel happy. Make it look spacious and uncluttered. Breathe in the serenity.

Add to the Luxury Factor- Making your bathroom luxurious will not only make you feel good about it but it would also urge you to stay a while longer in there. You can give luxurious tiles backsplashes on the wall opposite to the bathtub or behind the towel rack. Set up a sleek area for candles. Work with patterns on tiles and marbles for a chic look.

Apart from these, you can add a little comfort by placing a soft foot rug when you step out of the shower. Invest in good towels and linens. The bottomline is that the bathroom should make you feel good every time you enter. Make this cozy space your own with style!

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