3 Focus Areas to Renovate for Earning the Best Returns

When you decide to sell your home, the first thing that comes to your mind is to renovate small to earn big. But what if you couldn’t afford an entire renovation? Real estate experts point out the important parts of your home that you must renovate and groom up before putting it on the market for sale. If you are First Time Home Seller, lets learn a little about the renovation of the three important areas of your house.

3 Focus Areas to Renovate for Earning the Best Returns

Front Yard:- They say- “First impression is the last impression”. And this holds true for this scenario as well. Front yard is something that the prospective buyers will see even before entering through the main door and this is what makes them enter with a good heart. As a seller you might not realize the importance of grooming up your front yard. Also, those who visit with a sole intention of investing might not pay much attention to it. However, those who want to buy your home for end-use purpose, would never be impressed by a messed up front yard.

Renovating your front yard will not cost you much. Remove the rubbish, prune the foliage, get rid of the weeds, mow the lawn, fix the fence and paint it. This will cost less but improve the appeal of your house.

Kitchen:- Kitchen is a sure shot winner if you want to renovate a home before selling. The trick is to make your kitchen look like a lot of money has been spent on its set up and maintenance. Keep in mind that the budget of your kitchen renovation should not be more than 1.5-2% of your house’s value; this will in turn add up to 5-10% to the selling price. If it is a modular kitchen, you have less to do. Buyers love a well-maintained and smartly renovated kitchen. Hence, spending a little on kitchen renovation will help you earn handsome returns on investment.

Bathroom:- One thing that the potential buyers hate is a bathroom that is in difficult-to-use condition. First of all, keep all your plumbings in a good working condition. If you have a sufficient renovation budget, you can even build a new bathroom. This will for sure add 5-10% to the value. However, if you cannot afford to do that, make a few changes to your existing bath, shower and toilet. Install a wall mounted rack, under the sink drawers and other storage space. Storage in the bathroom is a newer concept and one already having the storage will give a feeling of modernity.

While thinking of renovating your home for sale, rely on your personal experience. Think of the areas you focused on while buying the home and work accordingly.

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