12 Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Getting ready to move into a new home? Yes. In fact, you have a clear idea of decorating the home. Interestingly, many people wish to keep their home stylish yet green. But, don’t know where to start from. So, this post is for all the environment lovers who also wish to live a green life. Well, there are many ways to keep the environment clean and green. But, isn’t it’s amazing to know the ways to create an eco-friendly home?


Of course yes, the idea to fix eco-friendly material on residential property is beneficial. The first and the foremost benefit of having a green home is to be healthy. So, take a look at the below-mentioned things and know the tips to keep home green.

12 Ways to Go Green

  1. Save Electricity – Make use of energy-efficient electrical appliances such as LED tube light.  Also, you can keep the environment clean and green by switching to CFL bulbs. The regular tube light and bulbs consume more power than LED and CFL. Thus, opting for the eco-friendly light is a wise decision as it saves both energy and power bill.

  2. Repair Air Leakage – Maintain your open spaces and keep the HVAC [High voltage Air Conditioner] system intact. The gaps between the door and the floor make the working of air conditioner system difficult. Hence, the AC consume more energy than required. So, keep a check on air leakage and fix this solution to keep your home green.

  3. Use Composite Bins – Avoid throwing food waste and plastics in the dustbin. The plastic generates hazardous gas which pollutes the atmosphere. Therefore, have a composite bin in your backyard is best to dump all the food and plastic waste in that landfill. This will protect the environment from various types of toxic gases.

  4. Place Eco-Friendly Furniture – The furniture made from bamboo looks chick and is environment-friendly. Hence, placing bamboo chairs and other furniture will add up to your style and will help you live in a green home. This is one of the ways to create an eco-friendly home.

  5. Color Eco-Friendly Paints – We all know that the wall paints contain chemicals. Thus, having them on the wall at home is dangerous for health. But, now you need not to worry. As various paint companies have brought in the range of eco-friendly colors that contains the least number of chemicals. The eco-friendly paints allow the clean air to flow throughout the home. Hence, this is another way to keep home green and clean.

  6. Prevent Water Wastage – This point might come as a surprise to many of you. But, it’s true that wastage of water also consumes electricity and plays an important part in the increase of the power bill. Henceforth you must install low-flow shower heads in the bathroom.  Apart from this one should also use low-flow pipe in the flush system to restrict the water wastage. This is another way to create an eco-friendly home.

  7. Switch to Solar Power – This is the fastest growing power option in the world. The world today has ample sunlight which is extremely beneficial. Install solar panels on the rooftop and get hot water throughout the day. In fact, the solar panel is useful to generate electricity which can also be stored for later use. Thus, opt for solar energy and create an eco-friendly home for yourself.

  8. Buy Energy-efficient Appliances – Check the energy-saving rating of any electrical appliance before buying. The companies today paste the stars on the refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher and other appliances. So, it’s time to go green for a healthy life ahead.

  9. Plant Indoor Plants – There are many plants that purify air hence you must place indoor plants like spider tree and Aloe Vera plant inside your home. Also, place money plant to keep the atmosphere green and clean. The placing of plants is one of the best ways to create an eco-friendly home.

  10. Keep Windows Open – Let the walls of your home breath by opening the windows in the daytime. Wide open the window in the daytime and allow the fresh air to flow through your beautiful home. Also, the sunlight pouring in through the windows keep the atmosphere clean and flush out the toxic gases from inside the house. Keeping the windows open in throughout the day is also a way to create an eco-friendly home.

  11. Unplug Electronic Gadgets – A majority of people leave their television and other electronic gadgets on the standby mode every day.  This consumes unnecessary power which reflects in your electricity bill. Also, leaving the switch on is likely to causes short-circuit. Therefore, turn off the electronic gadgets before stepping out of home daily.

  12. Maintain Air Flow between Walls & Appliances – Leave approx. 7 cm space between the refrigerator and the wall for the passing of heat. This keeps the airflow proper and helps in creating an eco-friendly home.

Figure out all the possible ways from this list and build an eco-friendly home for your family. The green home proves beneficial for the health as the fresh air keeps the positivity flow in the house. So, opt for the greener options and live a smart life.