Stage-I Recommendations For ‘100 Smart Cities’ Project to be Announced Soon

Ever since Narendra Modi took the chair as the Prime Minister of India, one project that has always been on top of his list is the ‘100 Smart Cities’ project. For the transformation of our country’s urban landscape and for the complete revival of its skyline, PM Modi launched the Smart City project. It aims at the development of such cities that are self-sufficient in terms of infrastructure, connectivity, social facilities and technological advancements.

100 Smart Cities Projects in India to be Announced Soon

A total of 100 such cities are planned to be developed by different states and union territories. The suggestive policy measures have already been finalized for the same. Recently, the Union Urban Development Ministry declared that it will also finalize the first stage recommendation and guidelines for the development of these 100 smart cities project. It is to be announced either on Thursday or Friday.

As reported by the Economic Times, the development Secretary of Union Urban Development Ministry Madhusudan Prasad unveiled this fact while inaugurating a conference. As the first step towards realizing this smart city dream, the stage one guidelines will soon be announced. The stage two recommendations are likely to come after four months. The implementation of these policies will start with the beginning of year 2016.

This first stage guidelines include infrastructure and IT related stuff. Prasad said that these cities will have latest technology in eco-friendly nature. Those who live in these smart cities will enjoy state-of-the-art civic amenities. To hire the best company for the infrastructure development of these cities, the government would also encourage competition between different market players.

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) will be run in order to initiate the implementation of the planning process. The central government would allocate 100 crores for the projects and the same amount will be spared by the respective state of Union Territory’s government.

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