10 Vastu Tips to Have Ideal Staircase

The staircase is an essential part of a home as it connects the entire home and the open area. So, inspite of designing this key feature of your abode in any direction we suggest taking an advice from a vastu consultant as it will help you experience a happy life. Apart from the direction, shape and material used in making a staircase also reflect in life. So, here are the vastu tips that you must consider before structuring staircase:

10 Vastu Tips to Have Ideal Staircase

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  1. First and the foremost thing to remember is a direction. A staircase set in the external area is best to b8uilt in the Southeast direction facing East, Southwest direction facing West, Northwest direction facing North and southwest direction facing South.

  2. The next vastu tip is to keep the line straight in a directional manner. For example, the staircase should be structured from North to South or from East to West direction.

  3. Remember to an odd number of stairs unlike even as the even number begins from zero.

  4. Another important vastu tip for staircase is that the vertical set of stairs should have an odd number and the remnant must be two after diving it by three.

  5. Avoid having circular staircases as they lead to ill health and this kind of staircase also make the property-a natural calamity prone.

  6. The Vastu Shastra suggest that residing in a home with the staircase in the southwest corner of a basement makes the family members fill ill as they will experience high blood pressure, undiagnosed diseases.

  7. Make sure that the start and end of the staircase have doors and the stairs won’t touch the Northern or Eastern walls.

  8. The Vastu Shastra suggests you have a separate staircase as the direct visibility of the staircase to guests or visitors is believed to be unsuspicious.

  9. The broken stairs should get repaired instantly as it keeps the family members engaged in some or the other unpleasant activities such as accidents or stress.

  10. Avoid structuring rooms under a staircase. Although, you can build a storeroom beneath the staircase.