Top 10 Superstitions about Moving Into a New Home

Superstitions can be found in many cultures across the ages and in different situations. Superstitions also apply to buying and owning a home. There are some common superstitions many of us follow. Here are 10 superstitions for new home owners, some you may have heard of and some may be new for you:

1-In the United States if you bring in an old broom into your new home, you are bringing in all your bad luck. Make sure you bring in a new broom.

Top 10 Superstitions about Moving Into a New Home

Top 10 Superstitions about Moving Into a New Home

2-Want to preserve your wealth? Then never sweep your new home at night. This is believed by the people of West Africa, as you will be sweeping your luck away. In India also people believe that sweeping your new home at night will keep goddess Lakshmi [goddess of wealth and good fortune] at bay.

3- In Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, your new home should have windows facing east for the sunrise in order to have good fortune. Vastu Shastra for your home also holds some such opinions which are believed to be true.

4-Some creepers are better than the others; in Philippines if black ants visit your home the owner will become richer.

5-Never give a knife as a house warming present, or your neighbour will become an enemy.

6-Never carry a hoe into a new home, if you do carry the hoe and walk backwards and leave the hoe outside.

7-Carry bread and salt when you enter your new home, once you enter sprinkle salt in front of the door so as to keep the evil spirits out. Also carry a new broom.

8-Don’t move into a new home on Friday, Saturday or on a rainy day as these days are unlucky and may prevent you from truly settling in your new home. According to Indian superstition Thursday is the luckiest day to move in.

9-Never walk under a ladder; this is believed to be the devil’s territory. If there is no way around then protect yourself by crossing your fingers or making a fig sign with your hand—closed fist thumb between your middle and index fingers.

10-When moving into a new home scatter coins in the living room so you will have wealth and prosperity. So here were some superstitions which tell you what to do when you move into your new home, whether you follow them or not it is up to you. We all have grown up hearing old wife’s tales, about black cats and full moon nights, how they affect us depends on our beliefs and traditions.

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