10 Reasons why it is great being a ‘Mumbaikar’

Mumbai, Amchi Mumbai, Mumbai Meri Jaan- whatever the tittle you give it, Mumbai is one of the best hotspots in the world. Every person who lives here and calls himself/herself a Mumbaikar, just loves his/her city and is proud of it. People fall in love with this melting pot of a city, where you can find great paradoxes and little joys at every turn.

10 Reasons why it is great being a Mumbaikar

10 Reasons why it is great being a Mumbaikar

There are various reasons for liking this city, it is a cosmopolitan city and caters to all kinds of people from different walks of life. People are easy going and respect all religions.

Here are some reasons why they proudly say- “I love being a Mumbaikar!”

Liberal Should be Mumbai’s Middle Name- Mumbaikars are the most accepting lot among Indians; the cosmopolitan temperament makes you feel one with the people. Several people from different corners of India shift to Mumbai to make their dreams come true. And builders are offering many ready to move flats in Mumbai to accommodate the burgeoning population.

Mumbai is a Melting- Pot of Uncanny Aspirations-Whether you want to be Amitabh Bachchan or Mukesh Ambani, Mumbai caters for all your ambitions and eccentricities.

IT Takes One Ride in the Local to Figure out its Geography— If you have the time and an appetite for exploration you can know the city in a few days. The people are helpful if you get lost.

The Expanse Like New York, the city is an island, seven islands which were the fishing communities now comprise the city of Mumbai. The infrastructure is good with excellent civic amenities. The city has been extended in all directions with many modern suburbs, which have their own intrinsic qualities and sub cultures.

The Entertainment Capital- Mumbai is the undisputed capital of the country, home to Bollywood, and a burgeoning theatre culture. India is obsessed with cinema, TV and cricket; two have found a base in this city.

Mumbai Highrise- Mumbai where people walk in every day in thousands is growing upwards, boosts of good real estate market. It has some very posh and expensive real estate which is at par with some renowned estates of the world. Commercially also it has some excellent commercial centers, Nariman Point, is a famous commercial hub and so also the famous Dalal Street [the wall street of New York].

Recreation- There is no dearth of entertainment and sightseeing, if one gets bored goes to the beach and spends some quality time. Pubs, restaurants, multiplexes, shopping mall- all are there for one to enjoy.

The City Never Sleeps –Mumbai is a city which is busy 24/7; you can find something to do all through the day and night. It is also the financial hub of India, the pulse of India a city which vibrates day in and day out.

Safe City, Especially for the Fairer Sex-The women are safe, the city is safe and the law and order are excellent. There can never be a place like Mumbai. Once a Mumbaikar, always a Mumbaikar, it is humane city!

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