10 Interior Design Ideas You Must Explore For Luxury Living Rooms

Luxury living is not spending thousands of bucks and maintaining a style statement. Instead, luxury living is when it is elegant, iconic and comfortable. Acquiring a luxury home in India is not sufficient to enjoy a standard living, but it is also necessary for an individual to develop or renovate the home with beautiful interior designs. For those who have just purchased a new home or want to renovate it for maintaining a sophisticated living, we have listed a few interior designs that can aid in getting an idea before you proceed with any remodelling.

10 Interior Design Ideas You Must Explore For Luxury Living Rooms

Here are a few top trending interior designs that you can follow:

Penthouse Living Room- Glamorous appearance can be given by using energizing silver mirrors and white couches.

Penthouse Living Room

Image Source: Penthouse Furniture

Ritz Carlton- Blue and silver color when combined together gives an elegant look and an essence of royalty. However, the black trimmings can also be used to make the room classy.

Ritz Carlton

Image Source: Brittocharette

Shanel Mor Living Room- No doubt, a tidy and well-maintained drapery makes a room more graceful. Black and white center table should be used as highlighter, when neutral colored walls and accessories have been used in the room.

Shanel Mor Living Room

Image Source: Elad Gonen and Zeev Beech

Utopia Project- Louis chairs and sofas looks amazingly rich in tradition. To add a glamour within the room, ornate window design can be implemented instead of plain windows.

Utopia Project

Image Source: Utopia Lifestyle

Living Room Interior- To enhance the overall elegance of a white painted room, a ‘living room interior’ design focuses on a beautiful chandelier. Classy and cozy furniture is the essence of this decor style.

Living Room Interior

Image Source: Malik Rakhmatullaeva

Elegant Escape- Though the decor features simple furnishings, other pieces of decor take the limelight and add glamour to the room. For example, a center table and console in contrasting colors will be the focal point of an otherwise plain room.

Elegant Escape

Image Source: DKOR Interiors

One Island Penthouse- An island penthouse decor style features accent lights that add warmth to a superbly white home. Beautiful surroundings adorn the abode.

One Island Penthouse

Image Source: Britto Charette

Los Angeles Country Club Estate- This style is the favorite of many well-known designers. Plain curtains and ordinary furniture are not considered in this decor; heavy drapery and exquisite furniture are emphasized instead.

Los Angeles Country Club Estate

Image Source: Lafia | Arvin Interior Design

Felipe Seating Area- A felipe decor comprises classical elements that feature great on the walls. These not only define a modern architecture, but also a refined interior design.

Felipe Seating Area

Image Source: Coleccion Alexandra

Butterfly Chandelier Living Room- A chandelier with unbeatable design is all that your living room needs. With its presence, the room will look simply fabulous. A classy sofa would also play a vital role in boosting the sophisticated appeal of the room.

Butterfly Chandelier Living Room

Image Source: John Lewis

All above mentioned interior designs have been tried by experts with an aim to define the quintessence of luxury living. Creativity is all that is required, instead of spending a huge amount to buy furniture and draperies.

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