How to Apply for DDA Housing Scheme 2018

The Delhi Development Authority [DDA] come-up with a housing scheme every year in order to cater the requirements of the aspiring home buyers. Similarly, this year also, the authority has opened lines for the property aspirants to fill up the application.

DDA Housing Scheme 2018

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DDA choose a widespread land piece for the construction of housing projects in multiple sizes and budget. This helps the people of every section to realize the dream of owning property in the National capital Delhi.

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Benefits of Renting a Second Home

A home buying describes elevation in your life and if it is a second home buying then surely it brings out the best for you. Yes, buying a second home is a long-term investment in two scenarios. In case one, the second home act as a retirement home and the other case makes you financially empowered as you rent this property and earn monthly income.

Renting a Second Home

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Apart from this, there are various other benefits which you can avail by doing so. We have brought the list of advantages of renting a second home, as the interest rate on home loan goes up and down along with the fluctuation in inflation rate. Take a look at how to pull out maximum benefit by hiring tenants.

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Green Home: A Perfect Décor Idea

Cooling is a mantra of many people in order to set home decor for the summer season. Of course, you must have also bought the bamboo chic and artificial grass in order to make your place look green and cool.

Green Home

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But, do you know that there is a permanent solution to get rid of the change in home décor as per the season? The answer is yes. Now get yourself a green home and stay cool and relaxed in every season.

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Rental Income: Residential vs Commercial Property!

Difference between Residential and Commercial Property

A residential building has capacious area, open spaces and dedicated parking arena. Whereas the commercial properties comprise of lesser space and won’t actually have a detailed structure of a washroom or a pantry. These two elements are separately constructed in the space you have for running a shop, coaching centre or any other business.

Residential vs Commercial Property

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Here is Why Green Homes Offer Better Living

The property market is witnessing a huge change in the housing trend. This is because of the smart home buyers who wish to buy a healthy home for their family.

Green Homes

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Well, what’s healthier than living in a healthy environment and the concept of Green Home offers everything under one roof to fulfill the buyers demand. But, then also many people misinterpret the meaning of an eco-friendly alias a green home. So, first have a look at the common misbeliefs about the same.

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Home Buyers: Check if the Property has a Vastu-Dosh before Buying

Are you planning to buy a home? Then the realtors around you must be showcasing various properties according to the budget. But, you have other things in mind too such as locality, security and distance from the workplace.

Home Buyers Check if the Property has a Vastu-Dosh before Buying

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Well, these are important things one needs to consider before purchasing the property. But there is another thing which no aspiring home buyer should miss while buying property and that is Vastu-comply home. Yes, people nowadays take preventive measures to keep positivity at home and thus one should make sure to identify Vastu-dosh prior finalizing a home deal.

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A quick look on RERA’s one year report card

Implemented by Government of India on May 1, 2017, RERA or The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act is one of the most important measures which was enforced to boost investments in the real estate industry and to safeguard the rights of Home-buyers. The act also led to speedy property related redressal. The act first came into force on May 1, 2016, but with half provisions. However, remaining provisions came into force on 1 May 2017.


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As the act is about to complete its first year on May 1, 2018; we bring to you the complete report card of its implementation and how it gave a big relief to home buyers:

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Know How to Check the Construction Quality of Housing Project

Every home buyer dream of owning a qualitative property as home buying itself is a big thing, especially in India. Thus, the prospects double-check the land, location and other necessary things before finalizing a home deal.

Construction Quality of Housing

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As a prospect you might take care of the wall paint color, quality of wash basin being fixed in the kitchen area and so on. But, many home buyers miss out the most important thing that directly impacts the life of a housing structure.

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Beautify Kitchen with these Trendy Curtains

The kitchen gets heat up more than any other space in a home, particularly during the summer season. Thus, you look for options for keeping this area cool. But, having an Air-conditioner vent or installing a fan here is not a wise decision as it makes cooking a tough job.

So, the problem of heated kitchen space remains the same. Wait and worry not, as we have bought some amazing Kitchen curtain designs to make you feel cool and fresh even while cooking at home.

1. Roman Shade – 

Give your kitchen a chic look by putting up this kind of easy to use curtains. These shades can be kept long and open. Also, you can fold them as per the requirement and hang them up by using the curtain holder.

Roman Shade

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